Maury Ahram Blog Post Introduction

Hi everyone! My name is Maury Ahram, and I am a rising freshman at Cornell University and a recent graduate of The Bronx High School of Science. I am a new intern at Premier Chess and am very excited to help out with the teaching and day-to-day operations of Premier Chess.

At Bronx Science, I was a member of my school’s national contending Chess Team, Varsity Indoor Track Team, and Varsity Baseball Team.  I have also won a few national chess championships with my team and won the NYC middle school championship.

I first started to play chess when my school offered lessons in kindergarten. My father, an avid chess player, saw that I was interested in the game and began to teach me at home. I was immediately hooked and started to play in tournaments – although I lost every game at my first one!

I am delighted to help out at Premier Chess this summer and improve my marketing strategies and teaching abilities.