Make the Best Move of Your Career

By Victoria O’Connor, Co-Founder & Director of Undergraduate Services of Arrow Academic Consulting

Plenty of moves can open a chess game—Catalan Opening, King’s Gambit, Queen’s Gambit—but what about opening moves for college? Like preparing for a chess match, it is never too early to start preparing for college. We assist with resume building, application assistance, financial planning, personal/diversity statements, and interview preparation.

We offer individual sessions, or complete packages to accomplish everything you need for college. Meet virtually with one of our experienced consultants to get started. All first consultations are FREE. Use code “CHESS” for 20% off packages until Fourth of July here!






5 thoughts on “Make the Best Move of Your Career”

  1. The mention of the various chess openings like the Catalan Opening, King’s Gambit, and Queen’s Gambit adds a playful touch to the discussion. It highlights the diversity of options available when it comes to college preparation.

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