How Self-Care Helps Chess Players

by  Lara Hocheiser, Founder of Flow and Grow Kids Yoga

As a yoga and mindfulness educator and colleague of Premier Chess’s CEO Evan Rabin, I have had the pleasure of seeing amazing overlap in our fields. Chess and yoga can bring us mental and physical flexibility, self-awareness, and positive thinking to overcome a tough chess match or a hard life moment.

Now in the times of COVID with normal out the window, chess players, like all of us, need some self-care.

So how does self-care impact a chess player?

In Chess, the need to focus and pay attention is critical. Too many nerves can impact abilities negatively.

How self-care help chess players:

Daily self-care will help chess players create healthy boundaries so they can be well-rested and focused.
Self-care practices can help improve chess players’ posture and physical fitness, both lending themselves to better endurance in chess matches!
Breathing, mindfulness, and yoga all help chess players stay mentally flexible, aware, and light-hearted enough to deal with loss!
Positive affirmation can help chess players kick negative self-talk and doubt

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