FREE Webinar- Legal and Accounting Advise During Covid-19, Friday, April 24th

I hope you are doing well during this crazy time. We are definitely keeping busy, with our virtual school programs, frequent podcast episodes,  new Twitch stream 

Meanwhile, we are using this time to constantly grow and learn as we like to teach BUSINESS and LIFE LESSONS through chess. With that mind, check out FREE Webinar- Legal and Accounting Advise During Covid-19:

Friday, April 24th
3:00 PM

Want free legal AND accounting expertise for a one two punch for COVID-19 financial stress?

The truth is… you’re only getting PART of the picture from either you accountant or lawyer. Yulin is going to share with you the various SBA grant and loan opportunities, employee retention tax credits and nuances on how to claim them. While Steve is going to provide timely legal advice on contracts during business disruption, negotiating with creditors, and corporate concerns at this time. Combining these two critical pieces of information can be the difference maker for your business.

Don’t wait! The limited amount of allocated funds by the government are going quickly. Register for our free webinar now and as a special bonus… for the first 17 people who sign up, we’re going to do free one on one consultations to ensure your unique situation is accounted for.

For registration, email  or

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