Chess and Financial Strategy

Chess involves predicting and anticipating the future moves, mitigating risk vs seizing the initiative. One flawed move in chess and your game could be blown to smithereens. The same happens with financial strategy. One bad move, or one move not taken, can lead to devastating repercussions down the line.

What are the killer moves in personal finance that can help ensure less exposure to the devastating effects of unpredictable events, effects that can destroy even a well-thought-through financial plan? And which tweaks and moves can help mitigate losses in market crashes? And why is cash value life insurance the Queen of financial strategy – the most versatile piece on the board which can change the game by working in concert with the other pieces, or on its own, to execute a devastating game plan.

In partnership with Premier Chess, financial advisors and representatives at the Independence Planning Group are offering from August 2020 a free analysis of your game plan, to help chess fans learn how to play the sharpest financial strategy.

Contact our financial chess gurus now for a free assessment of your strategy and learn ways to achieve the perfect checkmate. Email Paul now and set up a conversation, quote ‘Premier Chess’ in the subject line –