How to Make Staying Inside Safe and Fun for Kids

By Amy Collett, Founder of Bizwell

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Having children home from school or daycare means finding ways to keep them entertained throughout the day. This can be a major challenge, especially for parents who are trying to work from home. Often, it feels like the only option is putting them in front of a screen. However, many parents feel guilt and worry that their little ones are not getting the stimulation they need to stay healthy.

Here are a few (mostly) screen-free ways to keep kids occupied throughout the day:

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Have some messy fun with finger paint.

Build a pillow fort.

Do these science experiments with household items.

Teach them to cook.

Take advantage of the benefits of classical music by setting aside daily personal listening time.

Avoid boredom with these boredom busters for teens.

Let them enjoy some screen time.

Children can get restless and bored easily, but having a stock of great activities on hand keeps them (and you) sane. When your kiddos start getting stir crazy, turn to one of the fun items on this list and see if they have a fun time with it. Make a note for particularly successful games or activities to bring out again at a later date. Before you know it, you will have something to turn to anytime your kids need something to do!


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