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By Jeff Knight, Creator/Inventor of PlunderChess®

We are making the PlunderChess® App download FREE (normally 99 cents) in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store (iOS & Android devices) during these dates… Give it a try!  We’re betting you will get hooked!!

• iOS devices ► FREE Download in the Apple App Store now thru Sept 30,2022

• Android devices ► FREE Download in the Google Play Store from Sept 1, 2022 thru Sept 8, 2022 (Android limits these promotions to 8 days at a time)

►►►Just go to the search field and type in the word: plunderchess (as one word, no spaces)

If you are unfamiliar with PlunderChess® allow me to give a brief description of play…. Imagine playing chess like you always do but this time it’s a little bit different…. different???  How is PlunderChess® “different”?  ↓↓↓

It’s SIMPLE!  In PlunderChess®, all the traditional standard chess rules remain the sameEXCEPT HOWEVER… this time… when making a capture, the chess piece doing the kill is then allowed to “take on” (plunder) added moving capabilities directly from its spoils and use those newly acquired capabilities on one future move!!  Henceforth…you may just happen to see a queen with extra knight moving powers easily controlling the center of the board… or an endgame pawn using it’s plundered rook power to quickly advance to the 8th rank for a queen promotion… or how about a king escaping check with it’s acquired bishop power!  This is PlunderChess®!  Download the app for FREE during the available promotion dates above (otherwise 99 cents).  Available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store… type in the word: plunderchess (as one word, no spaces) in the search field.

A quick preview from the app’s “Main Menu”…

  1. Play Computer Play against the computer AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Five different skill levels: Beginner, Beginner+, Intermediate, Intermediate+ and Advanced.  You will also want to be sure to try out “Big Bang Start” in the options setup where the app will randomly scramble the starting positions of all pieces.  This means the battles begin immediately!  (Suggestion…Let the AI play as white allowing it to make the first move…a greater challenge!)
  2. PlunderChess® Puzzles Give your best efforts at solving the Checkmate in One Puzzles and the Checkmate in Two Puzzles
  3. Play a PersonHere you can play your family, friends or other random app players.  Play through a quick sit-down game (clock feature coming) or make your moves whenever you have free time in your day (both you and your opponent can be notified when it is your/their turn).

Again… Download the PlunderChess® App for FREE in Apple’s App Store and/or Google’s Play Store during the available promotion dates above… Just go to thesearch field and type in the word: plunderchess (as one word, no spaces).


Any Questions?? …please feel free to email us at or visit us on our website at 

Thank You for your patronage and we encourage you to forward this message on toyour chess friends! 

Also, if you are so inclined and believe we deserve it, we would certainly appreciate a “5 Star” rating and a short written review in the app/play stores!!!


8 thoughts on “PlunderChess App”

    1. Thank you!
      Did you know that… when playing a person OR playing the AI… IF YOU tap on the “lightbulb” on the screen just to the right of the chess notations it will temporarily take you out of the game and put you into “Analysis” mode where you can then play through multiple move options? Try it out!

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