Drawing is for Art School

By CEO National Master Evan Rabin

If you want to draw, go to art school!  There are five ways to draw a chess game: 

  1. Stalemate: When the king is not in check and the player has no legal moves.
  2. Insufficient Mating Material: When neither side has enough pieces to possibly get to checkmate. If a player has a king and bishop, that is not sufficient mating material as you cannot put the king and bishop anywhere on the board to checkmate the opposing king. However, a king and pawn is sufficient mating material as that pawn can promote.
  3. 50-Move Rule: When 50 moves go by without any pawn moves or captures(rare). 50 moves means 50 moves by white and 50 by black.
  4. Three-Fold Repetion: When the exact position repeats three times in a game.
  5. Agreement: Should never happen unless position is dead equal ( E.g, King and Rook vs King and Rook, King and Rook pawn, etc.). If your opponent offers or is willing to accept a draw, chances are he is only doing so becuase he is not confident about his position.


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