Spring 2024 Intern Introduction- Eli Schoenfeld

My name is Eli Schoenfeld, and I am a 16-year-old junior at Premier Chess CEO National Master Evan Rabin‘s alma mater, the Dwight School in New York City. My current interests lie in business and finance, where I have been able to develop skills in these fields through my pursuit of an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Specifically, my business and mathematics courses have posed exciting academic challenges that have made me all the more ambitious for my educational and career-based future. Outside of the classroom setting, I am also an advocate for bleeding disorders, considering that I have one myself: hemophilia.

Evan Rabin Lobbying in Capitol Hill during AJC Conference 2016

I have worked closely with the New York City Hemophilia Chapter to form an autonomous teen-led advocacy network, PULSE for Bleeders. I have also extended my commitment to the community to Capitol Hill, where I have met with members of Congress to discuss new and existing legislation supporting rare diseases. 

I am thrilled to partner with Premier Chess as an intern, focused on supporting its’ operational and financial structure. Though I am no grandmaster at myself, I believe that chess perfectly represents how re-planning and re-thinking are required when unexpected moves are made. Hence, my experiences developing project plans and realizing innovative solutions are critical for the journey I intend to embark on with Premier Chess. 

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