Premier Chess First Annual Grand Prix Series Standings

Premier Chess has had a wonderful turnout in its first annual Grand Prix Series. Hosted by Grace Church School and Brooklyn Friends School, the series of tournaments has featured 44 competitors to date. The final tournament will be held on Sunday June 2, at the Grace Church School, in the heart of New York City at 46 Cooper Square, New York, NY.

The top three finishers will receive Amazon Gift Cards, while fourth to seventh place finishers will receive gift certificates to American Chess Equipment, one of our partners that provide the highest quality of Chess Equipment. Additionally, trophies will be handed out to the top 25% of participants, and medals will be given out to all participants with 2.5 points or more that do not win a trophy.

For a first place trophy in an individual tournament within the Grand Prix, three points are awarded. As such, two points will be awarded for a second place trophy, and one point will be awarded for a third place trophy. Additionally, five extra points will be awarded to each participant that plays at least one tournament in each school. After these scores are calculated, they will be multiplied by the number of tournaments in which the contestant participates. Therefore, if a contestant plays in all six tournaments, their total score will be multiplied by six.

Entry into a tournament costs $40 if the contestant signs up at least one month prior to the event. This fee becomes $50 if the contestant signs up a week prior, and becomes $60 if the contestant signs up by 12:00pm on the say of the tournament or onsite. The final tournament takes place on Sunday, June 2, leaving less than a week to sign up with the $40 fee. 

Without further ado, the following is a breakdown of the Grand Prix thus far:
In our first tournament, Sylvie Vanderbilt of PS 58 and Darvin Lee of PS 124 tied for first place. Aarav Roy of JCGS and Soren Maholtra of OLP came in second, with Luke Luo of PS 50 and Justin Lee of PS 124 in third. 

The second tournament saw Jackson Swift of Brooklyn Friends tie with Stefano Revegano of Knox School for first place. Second place went to Aditya Shingh of Riverdale, Graydon Leicht and Leo Zhang of Avenues. Last but not least, Nathan Barry of Knox School tied with Roy (JCGS) and Andrew Buchanan of SA Union Square to take home third place.

Tournament number three featured Barry (Knox School) tying with John Joseph Gabriel of BBMS for first place, while Revegano (Knox School), Alexander Mason of PS 10 and Vanderbilt (PS 58) took home second place. Third place went to Cooper Hazelrig of Brooklyn Friends, Daiwen Guo of PS 686 BSI and Zion Ogbo of SA Rosendale.

Jacob Katz of PS 29, Jeremy Wen of PS 124 and Wilson Robohm of Haldane won the fourth tournament. A four-way tie for second place came between Amenaide Brown of Hewitt, Ryan Baranovsky of PS 40, Gibson Hope of Calhoun and Buchanan (SA Union Square). Riley Thomson of Churchill, Jameson Wong of Dalton and Kari Phoenix Chen of Compass Charter took home third place.

Zenchi Sun of Avenues and Eric Michaels of BBMS won the fifth tournament, while Mateo Uribe of PS 321, Vanderbilt (PS 58) and Roy (JCGS) took home second place. Third place went to Adam Shtaynberg of SIHA and Katz (PS 29).

As such, the following are the standings for the Grand Prix thus far:

We can’t wait to see the turnout for the final event in the Grand Prix series! Please contact Premier Chess CEO Evan Rabin at or (917) 776-1306 with questions. 

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