Curriculum Classes with Premier Chess

Premier Chess is proud to offer curriculum classes to schools and programs within the New York City area! Our offerings cater flexibly to your classes’ time constraints, and are an extremely productive and fun way for your students to spend their class time. 
Curriculum classes are comprised of our very own instructors coming in at any time during the day to teach chess for 40-60 minutes. These classes can be available to any level of chess players and are open to any age group. Premier Chess currently has curriculum classes set up in 4th and 5th grade classrooms with X14, and at Summit Middle School where we teach students between 6th and 8th grade.
These classes are organized comprehensively and efficiently to maximize our time with your students. We will consult teachers preemptively about any special concerns that they may have, along with any special circumstances that we may need to cater to for each student. This includes but is not limited to working with students with learning disabilities, shortening or lengthening the class sessions, and providing materials that the school may not have readily available.
Here’s why you should bring a chess class to your school:
– Students can represent your school in leagues, improving teamwork skills & your school’s reputation
– We strengthen your students’ critical thinking and memory by studying opening, middle game, and endgame strategies
– Chess helps with analytical thinking and foresight
– Students can make friends with and establish connections with fellow chess players in their classroom and all over the nation!
The following is what a sample schedule of a curriculum class looks like:
20 Minutes: Chess Lesson
20 Minutes: Chess Exercises/Free Play
5 Minutes: Clean Up and Discussion
Check out our latest testimonial from a satisfied Premier Chess customer:
“Premier Chess was a hit in the classroom for both students and teachers.  In fact, it was so successful in our school that we had to expand our after school program due to such a high demand. The lessons are engaging and informative, and the aspect of competition really gets the students excited to learn more and improve their skills.” – Carly Ayala, Community School Director of PS14
Please contact CEO Evan Rabin at or (917) 776-1306 to set up a curriculum class, and check out for more information!

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