The Carlsen World Tour Coming to an End

By Shai Hecker, Operations Intern

The Carlsen World Tour is finally coming to an end and we will have a victor on August 20. Magnus Carlsen is playing against Hikaru Nakamura where they will play the best out of seven sets.

The tournament only had four contestants, the other two being Ding Liren and Danil Dubov. According to Chess Base Liren actually managed to win his first game in the semifinals against Carlsen. He then lost three consecutive games allowing the World Chess Champion to proceed to the finals.

Nakamura on the other hand won each game he played against Dubov. He is the only player who has managed to take a victory away from Carlsen and perhaps he can do so again.

The two Grandmaster just started the first set of the finals today and Nakamura is leading 2.5 to 1.5. Although this is only the first set out of 7 Carlsen may not be able to hold up against the American player who took him down at the Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge. Perhaps Carlsen will be able to hold out, but Nakamura could take home this final win and put the World Chess Champion in second which would be a shock to the chess world. Many of the games are being hosted live for free so its an opportunity to see these two grandmasters at work.

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