Intern Introduction: Jiovanni Hyatt

My name is Jiovanni Hyatt, and I am currently a student at Manhattan Hunter Science. Being a first generation Jamaican, I have always been drawn to exploring new experiences and learning new things. Recently, I have taken an interest in the game of chess, which I started playing just four weeks ago. Despite my short time playing, I have already grown to love the game and its complexity. The challenge of trying to outsmart my opponents and the strategic thinking required are what drew me to the game.

I am excited to intern with Premier Chess, as I believe it would be a great opportunity to learn more about the game and further my understanding of the strategies and techniques used in chess. I believe that Premier Chess is known for its excellence in teaching and promoting the game of chess, and I am looking forward to learning from experienced chess players and instructors. This internship will also give me valuable experience in a field that I am passionate about and help me to grow as a chess player.

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