How Chess Elevates Your Energy

By Davina Zarnighian, CEO of Austen & Parker + Divine Healing By D

Chess is a beloved game around the world. Men and women of all ages gather around to enjoy this intense intellectual challenge. Did you know that Chess has a lot of benefits for your overall energy? 

  1. It helps you see from someone else’s perspective. 

Scientists call it the “theory of the mind.” It’s a great way to build empathy and build healthy social relationships. By building these relationships, you build a community where you can lean on in times of need. Hence, giving you a sense of peace and elevating your energy. 

2. It improves your memory.

When you improve your memory, you improve your overall health. You keep the wheels in your brain moving. When you keep the wheels moving upstairs, you feel the need to work on your whole body. Exercise of course, helps with your energy.

3. You hang out in the “Flow State

Theta waves are heightened in EEGs taken when people are in a state of flow. Chess players have those high theta waves when they are in a game. They are completely involved in the game and playing at their peak performance. 

4. Increases creativity

Chess players score higher on all creativity tests. When creativity is high, confidence is elevated as well. Confidence is the catalyst for an energy increase.



5. Enhance reading skills

Chess players were found to be quicker and more efficient readers. Reading helps acquire knowledge, among other benefits. It is an amazing hobby and activity to manage your energy and reduce stress.

6. Stimulates brain growth.

Enough said! Who doesn’t want to do that? It stimulates the neurons to form connections across the brain. 

7. Opens you up to different experiences/hobbies

Since chess is such an engaging, intellectually inspiring game, it may only want you to grow in your hobbies and experiences. These new experiences will elevate your frequency immensely!

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