Introduction: Operations Intern Shai Hecker

Hello.  My name is Shai Hecker and I am the new intern at Premier Chess.  I am a rising junior at Brandeis University, double majoring in Economics and History. I am very excited to be a part of this team and am looking forward to this experience. Chess has been a big part of my life since I was young. I began playing at my elementary school Torah Academy and joined the chess club which helped me learn the basics. I began to love and appreciate the strategic game.

When I entered high school, I joined the chess club again. There my knowledge of chess grew and I was able to have a real understanding of the game and its mechanics. My brother also played a lot of chess and together we began a weekly chess class. Every Sunday night 10-12 kids gathered in our house as we taught them chess. We taught opening moves, end game, and the most basics as the skill levels among our students were quite different. It was a learning experience not only for our students, but for us as well.

However, as I entered college, chess slowly fell out of my life, but this internship at Premier Chess has made me revisit chess and I hope to continue learning the game and look foward to being part of Brandeis Chess Club in future was well.

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