Chess Books for Beginners to Advanced

By David Schloss, Award-winning writer         I am the author of numerous chess books from beginner to advanced (including some new workbooks for kids) and have received endorsements from Premier Chess’ 109th Podcast Guest Bruce Pandolfini, Grandmaster Michael Rohde, Chess.com, Georgia Chess Magazine and many other chess teachers, coaches and top ranked …

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10 Similarties Between Chess and Physical Sports

By Mike Deutsch, Founder of Hands on Hoops Skills 1)Competition 2)Anticipation 3)Resilience from adversity 4)Critical Thinking/Quick Analysis 5)Discipline 6)Build Muscle Memory Through Practice 7)Physical Fitness 8) Peak Mental Condition 9) Poise in Dealing with Pressure 10) Knowledge of When to Play Good Defense. Develop these skills in both chess and sports at our Chess and …

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Chess and Business

By Aden Ho, Summer Youth Intern The Implications of Chess in Business  The market size, measured by revenue, of the Business Coaching industry is $11.6bn in 2021. Billions of dollars spent on coaching, much of which can be learned via an ancient game involving plastic pieces and monochromatic squares. Playing chess is running a business …

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