Ryan Masterson

Bronx Instructor Ryan Masterson has been playing and teaching chess in New York for 20+ years.
Ryan has tied for 8th place in the 2013 National Chess Congress Class A Section and tied for 4th place in the

Arthur Curry

Tri-State Area Instructor Arthur Curry has been playing and teaching chess in New York and New Jersey for 10+ years.
Most Sundays, you can often find him competing at the

Nader Goubran

Nader Goubran has been playing and teaching chess in New York and Chicago areas for 20+ years. Nader tied for third place in the 1997 HTS Festival and tied for 10th place in the 2014 Marshall Chess Club Class A section.

Bryan Wolff

New York Instructor Bryan Wolff has been playing tournament chess and teaching for 10+ years. He specializes in special education, having taught at Summit School, Churchill and Steven Gaynor. When he’s not

Ken Evans

Kingston Instructor Ken Evans has been playing and teaching chess in Orange County for 40+ years. He is a retired physics teacher and president of the King’s Knight Chess Club, which meets at the Rosedale Cafe

Adam Cunningham

Tucson Instructor Adam Cunningham is a Computer Science student at University of Arizona. He recently moved from Phoenix, where he spent two years teaching school programs for the

Doron Brookhim

Houston Instructor Doron Brookhim is a passionate chess player and competitor who will be taking his skills from coaching basketball to teaching chess. Doron studied for a year at Tel Aviv University in 2008, a few

Curt Brock

Maine Instructor Curt Brock has been playing active tournament chess for over ten years. Even with a full time job and twin boys, he has managed to become a class “A” player. Curt has beaten and drawn a National Master and