Olga Inglis

Olga Inglis
Our Team
Email: olga@premierchess.com

Manager of Business Development Olga Inglis has held various analytical positions on Wall Street for approximately 10 years. Her area of expertise includes but not limited to Credit Derivatives and other exotic products, High Yield Research, and Risk Management. Olga worked closely with the Trading Desk and the Investment Banking Division. Her extensive education includes a successful completion of Credit Derivatives Course from NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies, and How to Make Decisions under Uncertainty Program from Real World Risk Institute, LLC. After spending time in Finance, Olga worked as an Educator and Organizer of cultural events in NYC. Olga volunteered for Math-M-Addicts Team -- a mathematics enrichment program run by Math Olympiad Medalists from all over the world. Olga was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and came to the United States at the age of 13. She holds a BA in Mathematics and BA in Economics from New York University. She is a classically trained pianist” as well.

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