Chess and Multi-Sports Camp, August 2-20

New camp opening soon:

Collaboration between active sports and chess to flex mental prowess on the chess board and dominate the court.

Camp will always be from 9am-5pm teaching children team building strategies and leadership skills. Through Coach Michael Deutsch and team, students will be active on the court while competing against other campers is chess matches taught by National Master Evan Rabin.

Instructors will co-teach chess and sports to balance a strong mind and a strong body mixed in with character development, giving kids the opportunity to become apart of a team learning how to play and be respectful to other teammates or lead themselves against other campers in chess.

Duration: August 2-20

Location: Adereth El, 135 East 29th Street, New York, NY 10016

Cost: $600/week

Activities: Soccer, Basket Ball, Whiffle Ball

Bring your own Lunch

Register here.

Questions: Reach out to Evan Rabin at or (917) 776-1306