1st Annual Premier Chess and Top Level Chess Grand Prix

Who: Any children who want to play USCF rated games and get some awesome prizes! We will give Special Prizes to Top 10 Grand Prix winners at the end of the year.


  • 10/26, 12/14, 01/25 and 05/16 at The Town School
  • 01/12 , 02/23 and 06/07 at The Grace Church School
  • 11/16, 03/07 and 04/25 at The Churchill School and Center

When: All tournaments are hosted on a Saturday, except for Grace Church, which tournaments are on a Sunday.


  • Each event will have a silent auction to raise money for a special cause (on December 14th money for Girls To Grandmasters will be raised)
  • Competition is pivotal in the ability to take Chess seriously.
  • Four different sections have been created for everyone to be able to participate and have fun.
  • Chess tournaments allow your children to test out their newly learned openings.


  • Pre-registration $50
  • Registration on-site 65$
  • USCF Memberships $17 (unless he/she already has one)

Questions: Reach out at Shernaz, Founder of Top Level Chess at shernazkennedy@aol.com or 516-991-7509 or Evan Rabin, CEO of Premier Chess at Evan@premierchess.com or (917) 776-1306.


  • Register at www.events4chess.com (next registration not open yet)
  • Registration begins at 1:00 PM (Town and Churchill) and 9:00 AM (Grace Church)
  • USCF Membership Required (You can register for the USCF at the tournament or here)
Annual Premier Chess and Top Leven Chess Grand Prix
Two Chess athletes about to play one match