Testimonials (Old Content)

Premier Chess Clients

“It was a pleasure to work with Evan and Premier Chess this past summer.  They are a well run organization.  We found them to be responsive and well organized in helping us to set up our first chess program from planning the dates and times to ordering the supplies.  we also appreciated that Evan was also receptive to feedback and made himself available if needed.”

-Rebecca Rothman, Director of Deerkill Day Camp


Fellow Chess Program Coordinators 

“One of my favorite chess teachers is Evan Rabin. Despite his young years, he has had a ton of meaningful experience. Evan is constantly called upon to solve the practical problems of chess for youngsters and oldsters, newcomers and experienced players alike. In addition to his high level of knowledge and expertise, I particularly like his compassionate and understanding sensibility. Take a lesson from Evan, and you’d really feel you’ve found a completely attuned mentor and guide through the labyrinth of both tournament and casual chess challenges. If there were an ultimate course for chess instructors, Caissa would give Evan an A+.”

-NM Bruce Pandolfini, Chess teacher, author and coach as seen in ​Searching for Bobby Fischer 

“We have taught Evan chess since he was five years old in Central Park at the Chess and Checkers House and then at his school at Churchill. In all of that time, he has shown our chess coaches that ‘anyone can be anything they want to be with chess’ (Magnus Carlsen, World Champion). Evan has worked with the best trainers & GMs in the world and hence can give back all that he has learned and help any child/adult reach any goal. He now teaches at Town School and Dalton, the latter being the premier Chess School in the county, creating premier students. Master Evan is on his way to becoming International Master Evan Rabin.”

-WIM Shernaz Kennedy, CEO of Top Level Chess

“Evan is a dedicated teacher. He has an easy rapport with the students. He’s able to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and tailor his instruction to help each child improve.”

-Expert Nicholas Chatzilias, CEO of Ready Set Chess

“Evan is a reliable, enthusiastic and capable instructor who made his classes fun and interesting for the children.”

-Michael Borchelt, CEO of Active Learning Services

Premier Chess Students 

“I just wanted to say thanks for all that you did to make the NYS Chess tournament such a great experience for Daniel (and Noah too).  I know they had a fantastic time reminiscing about their elementary/middle school tournament days.  They made some new memories.  Daniel really enjoyed playing chess competitively again. What a great way to end their high school career.  Thank you!  I wish that the chess program at GCS will grow and the kids coming up through the grades will also get to form wonderful experiences, friendships and build memories that will last a life time.”

-Sue Rheem, Parent of Daniel Han, Student at Grace Church School

“Chess lessons are extremely valuable and I have realized that starting my very first lesson with NM Evan Rabin. Yesterday I had fifth lesson during which NM Evan Rabin introduced me to the most critical 7 Steps for analyzing any position. What I have learned about my play and my thinking process in 5 hours of lessons at Premier Chess would probably take half a year if using just the books. I really regret not starting taking lesson at least a year ago. I strongly recommend to start studying with NM Evan Rabin at #PremierChess ASAP and do everything he says and you will be thanking yourself.”

-Vitaly Fedchenko, Student in Long Island, New York

“Evan’s camp was great! My son had so much fun – at pick up time he insisted on staying for one more game. He learned strategies and concepts that brought his game to the next level. It was fun with friendly competition and lots of learning.”

-Kara Aborn, Mother of Upper West Side Camp Student

“As a chess instructor and coach, NM Evan Rabin brings a lot to the table. His boundless enthusiasm and upbeat approach, combined with his depth of knowledge drawing on years of tournament experience, will have you thinking about your game in a whole new light.”

​-Suzanne Bilyeu, Student in New York, NY

“Our children here in the Northwest Territories (Canada), receive private lessons from Evan over Skype. The kids love his style and personality. Evan has a natural teaching ability which clearly comes out in his instruction and interaction. We are extremely pleased with the quality and value.”
-Richard Skelhorn, Student in Hayriver, NT

“Evan will go through material at a pace the suites you. He also has a very well rounded knowledge of many different opening variations and is able to articulate the subtle nuances in each of them.”

-Paul Lubinski, Student in Green Bay, Wisconsin

“As a beginner, Evan has made me feel comfortable with the game of chess. His method of teaching is friendly, easy to follow, and most importantly, fun. I would definitely recommend Evan for a chess player of any level. From beginner to master, there is something he can help you improve upon!”

-Alberto Molina, Student in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Evan Rabin has been a great coach for my son, Max. Max is very picky about who he will work with so seeing him excited for lessons again has been wonderful. He is also very professional while still injecting some fun.”

-Molly Coy, Mother of student Max Coy in Tucson, Arizona

“Evan is excellent at working with young children. He challenges them and helps boost their confidence while making it fun at the same time. He is such a supportive chess coach, really interested in the children and working with their individual strengths and areas for improvement. Our 6-year-old is excited to see Evan every week for his chess lesson, and Evan came to support him at a tournament. My husband and I would recommend Evan very highly to anyone with young children interested in learning or improving in chess.”

-An Upper West Side private student’s parent

“Aiden and Brody had a very good experience at chess class today. Thank you for setting up program at Seton!”

​-Gena Howard, Parent at Seton Catholic Central School

“Evan – thanks for all the help at Nationals. Nic liked working with you a lot, and you were very kind to him.”

-David Bear, Parent of student Nicholas Bear, who finished in 20th Place in 2017 K-1 Championship

“We met Evan early on his career of teaching chess. He is prepared, patient and dedicated. Happy and proud to see how far he’s come!”

Ricki Booth, Private student’s parent

Chess Teachers

“I have had the privilege of knowing Evan since we were teenagers. We’ve played in several tournaments together and he always has a competitive spirit, putting up a good fight. I hate to admit that he beat me once when I was an International Master. When we coached together at the New York City Scholastic Championships in February 2017, he made one important point to the kids- that you need to assume your opponent is going to make the best moves and play the same level of moves no matter who you’re playing against. I highly recommend Evan for any chess teaching position.

-Grandmaster Alex Lenderman, Colleague at Top Level Chess

“Impressive company founded by NM Evan Rabin – hopefully we can set up some matches with our programs this year!”

-Alanna Katz, Colleague at Growing Minds Academy and Active Learning Services

“I have taught several camps with Evan Rabin, starting in 2012. He has always maintained excellent classroom control and taught a wealth of knowledge to our campers. Evan has always been someone I can rely on to educate our campers.

-David Jamison, Dallas Regional Manager at Active Learning Services

“Evan is passionate about chess and he effortlessly shares both his expertise and love of the game with his students and those around him. He believes in the success of his students, is patient, and encourages them through fun and engaging approach to instruction.”

WFM Ana Izoria, Colleague at Chess in the Schools and Active Learning Services
-“The rare good and kind chess master! I met Evan while teaching at a chess camp some years ago, and I was impressed with his character, great sense of humor, and, of course, his chess erudition. Unpretentious, and subtly wise guy.

-Expert Craig La Salle, Colleague at Active Learning Services

“Evan is a well known chess player in the NY chess tournament scene. He is a national master in chess and I had the pleasure of working some kids camps alongside him. I was impressed by his professionalism, knowledge of chess and interaction with the kids.”

-Andrew Koenigsberg, Colleague at Active Learning Services

“Evan was an excellent teacher, devoted to his students, and ready to assist with any of his fellow instructors. As a more advanced player, Evan was able to give me constructive advice with my more advanced students. Evan was a great asset at Chess In the Schools, and we would love to have him back.”

-Expert Marc Widmaier, Colleague at Chess in The Schools

“I had the privilege of working with Evan when he led our school’s chess program. Evan helped us overcome massive logistical, bureaucratic, and communication obstacles, allowing 20 students to grow in the game of chess 1) substantially and 2) on a regular basis.”

-Tim Pearce, Colleague at Chess in The Schools

“Teaching with Evan I’ve always noticed how excited and engaged students of all abilities were both in the classroom and at tournaments. He is an excellent instructor, who is always prepared.”

-Matthew Strobino, Colleague at Chess in the Schools

“‘I have known Evan since he started his chess carrier. I have watched Evan grow to win numerous competitions and become a nationally recognized player. On a personal front, playing Evan on numerous occasions as well as having had the pleasure of watching him teach, I can say with certainty that Evan posseses the knowledge and patience to bring out any players’ full potential.”

-Boris Gintchanski, Colleague at Active Learning Services

“Evan Rabin is a very thorough and experienced chess coach, who has helped many students and schools at tournaments and trainings. He has participated  in many chess tournaments,  which has led to achievement of the title of chess master.”

-National Master Juan Sena, Colleague at Top Level Chess

-“I have known Evan Rabin for a little longer than a decade. He is like most, misinterpreted at times, but like  few…pure and kind at heart. We share a similar passion in chess, and if anyone has ever heard of chess, they probably know that at the very least, it is a very challenging game. Yet Evan through his passion, his hard work and dedication accomplished the rank of a Master, a title that many seek out to achieve but very few ever do, a title that is awarded to the top 1% in the world. It cannot be done without sacrifice, and persistence and a little bit of wits never hurt. But it is a testament to the level of mental adversity one is willing to endure without giving up, and the obstacles someone is willing take on in order to achieve a desired result. I’ve never underestimated his abilities at the chess board and at least for me, I would never underestimate his abilities in life.”

-NM Furquan Tanwir

-“I’ve known Maestro Rabin since we were teenagers. A talented and knowledgeable player, Evan has a gift for spotting ones individual strengths and weaknesses, both on and off of the board, and designing a formidable game plan around that. Mr. Rabin is also honest, reliable, caring, a good listener and communicator.”

-Fide Master Leif Pressman

“I’ve known Evan since he was a talented young player. His enthusiasm and chess instincts have always impressed me. I love hanging out with him, but i hate playing against him!”

-International Master Yaacov Norowitz

“Evan is a talented young man and a fierce competitor”

-International Master Jay Bonin, Most Active Chess Player in United States, Author of “Active Pieces, Practical Advice from America’s Most Relentless Tournament Player”

“I’ve known Evan for 10 years and from such period I can undoubtedly say he succeeds in every endeavor he sets his mind on.”

-Jonathan Kim, Teammate at United States Amateur Team East 2016

“I have known Evan for 10 years and he is not only an accomplished chess player, but a personable and down to earth instructor. He always seems to get the best out of his students and I strongly recommend him as a teacher for children of all ages and ability levels.”

-National Master Ben Katz, Captain of Bankers League Team 2007-2008, Co-Founder of Growing Minds Chess Academy

“NM Evan Rabin has been a great asset to the Chess Connections team in the CCLNY.  In addition to playing on the top boards for the team he is always willing to share his abundance of knowledge with his teammates and analyze positions and games after the match.  When Evan is around even if I lose I win!”

-Expert Adia Onyango, Founder of Chess Connections, Captain of Commercial Chess League Team 2017

“Tactical player with active style”

-Grandmaster and Former World Championship Candidate Leonid Yudasin, Coach

“Evan Rabin is an insightful teacher. Whether you need a coach or a sparring partner, he is sure to make it instructive. As a long time insider of the chess world, he can teach you not only to succeed in your tournament games, but also how to navigate through off-the-board challenges.”

-Michael Raphael, Teammate at United States Amateur Team East 2005, President of Northeastern University Chess Club and Author of Reviewing Chess Series

“I have known Evan for many years, and I believe his friendly approach and his passion for the game can help any student that he shares his knowledge with. Best of luck Evan!”
-National Master Sameer Mujumdar

“Evan and I have competed in tournaments and been friends for over 10 years. He is a top-level master and experienced teacher. If you want someone who is professional, talented and simply a great person then I highly recommend you choose Evan.”

-Expert Max Yarmolinsky, Teammate at United States Amateur Team East 2015

“Evan is a very knowledgeable and experienced tournament player, who has a deep understanding of the game. He can definitely share a lot of his talent and great ideas with the kids. Also he can widen their herizons on the chess boards, whether they are playing a game for fun, or competing in a serious tournament!”
-Expert Mikhail Layevskiy

“As a teacher, Evan is knowledgeable, well organized, and patient.  I highly recommend him.”

-Expert Jeremy Graham

“Evan has been an active, passionate player and teacher for the decade I’ve known him. Chess is in his blood. He will improve your game, but also show you why some of us fall in love with pushing pieces around an 8×8 board.”

-NM Todd Bryant,Teammate at United States Amateur Team East 2016

“Evan and I first met early in our chess careers, over the board in fact. Besides being a fearsome opponent, Evan is extremely knowledgeable about the game, the culture, and is an all around nice guy.”
-NM Max Schwartz

“Evan has helped to coordinate the Bruce Bowyer Memorial Tournaments for several years, and his experience and expertise has helped our tournament become one of the friendliest, most competitive chess tournaments in the chess world.”
-Patricia Bowyer, CEO, Bruce Bowyer Foundation