Story Time Chess

STORY TIME CHESS™ is a new and innovative way to teach chess to children as young as 3.

Through fun and engaging stories and characters, STORY TIME CHESS™ has developed an amazing way to engage kids and bring the benefits of chess to children who may be too young to learn traditional chess. STORY TIME CHESS™ makes learning the game of chess fun, through beautifully illustrated stories teaching them the strategies and moves of the entire board of chess pieces. Each character has a unique story and purpose, like King Chomper or Queen Bella. Your child will be guided along through their story and understand the hows and whys of the moves of chess. Each chess piece has a beautifully drawn character, so they can take what they learn in the story and apply it to the game itself. There are also over 30 mini games included, covering all of the characters and teaching them in a fun and engaging way even more things about the game of chess. The board is also dual-sided, and the STORY TIME CHESS™ character pieces can slide out of the traditional pieces, allowing regulation gameplay as your child grows. STORY TIME CHESS™ is the most unique and innovative way to teach the wonderful game of chess to young children. The benefits are incalculable and children everywhere will discover a fun new activity and game they may have never been interested in before.



By Andrew Kashian, Founder of Story Time Chess.

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