Rabin’s Predictions for the End of the USCL’s Eastern Divsion’s 2012 Season!!

I finished predicting the Western Division’s 2012 season with a  bang, getting 3/4 matches and 11/16 match predictions correct. There were two last minute lineup changes that I did not account for ( Byambaa playing for SF instead of Ebrahimi and Mu playing for Carolina instead of Simpson). My stats are actually on the conservative side as I truthfully would have probably predicted Byambaa to beat Salisbury and Altounian to beat Mu. To the contrary, both games were draws.

Tomorrow night will be a very exciting end to the Eastern Division’s as seven out of eight are still in playoff contention. See http://uschessleague.com/wp/2012/11/06/eastern-division-playoff-scenarios/ for a summary of playoff scenarios. Let’s see what the results shall be!!

As three of the seven surviving teams will be eliminated, we shall definitiely see some stiff competition tomorrow night!

The Potentially Spoiling New England Nor’easters vs the Likely-to-be 2012 USCL Eastern Division Champions, the Philadelphia Inventors

GM Ivanov- GM Erenburg 1/2-1/2

FM Bartell- IM Vigorito 1-0 In 2010, they drew when Vigorito was white. In 2008, Bartell won with the white pieces.. I think he’ll win again!

Theil- Gorman 1/2-1/2 While Gorman has been on fire lately, Theil hasn’t played in the USCL since 2010’s Week 10. While part of me wants to say Gorman will win, I think Theil will keep things solid with the white pieces.

Daly- Goldberg 0-1

and Philadelphia will be secured the first place spot in the East! Drawn Match 2-2

The Connecticut Dreadnoughts Needs to Defeat the Manhattan Applesauce to Have a Good Chance to Make the Playoffs!

GM Hess- IM Vovsha 1-0

IM Schneider- GM Kekelidze 0-1

IM Sarkar- IM Milman 1/2-1/2

Smith- Tanenbaum 1-0

and both teams will likely make the playoffs; Connecticut Wins 2.5-1.5

Two Teams Near the Middle of the Pack Duke it Out for Playoff Spots: The New Jersey Knockouts vs the New York Knights

GM Stripunsky- GM Gelashvili 1/2-1/2

SM Herman- GM Gulko 0-1

FM Shen- FM Bodek 0-1

Katz- Burke 1-0

and NY will end NJ’s 2012 USCL Season! NY Wins 2.5-1.5

The Baltimore Kingfishers and the Boston Blitz Shall Fight to the Bitter End for A Potential Seat in the Playoffs

GM Margelashvili- Shmelov 1-0

FM Gulamali- GM Kaufman 0-1

Defibaugh- Matirosov 0-1

Krasik- Zimmer 1-0

and a Drawn 2-2 Match will make Baltimore’s playoff hopes tiny and Boston’s absolutely none!

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