Rabin Predicts the Results of The End of the Western Division’s 2012 USCL Regular Season

I did a very poor job for last Friday’s rare USCL action, getting 0/2 match and 2/8 game predictions correct. Let’s see how I do tomorrow night for the end of the Western Division’s regular season tomorrow night!

It is now once upon a time in the West!

Two Teams That Secured Playoff Spots Duke it Out: The 1st Place Dallas Destiny vs the 2nd Place Saint Louis Arch Bishops

The Dallas Destiny doesn’t have all that much to play for as they secured clear first place; however the Saint Louis Arch Bishops has to win or at least draw to maintain its second place position.

IM Holt- GM Diamant 1-0

IM Kannappan- IM Wang 1-0

Gater- IM Bregadze 0-1

Hendrickson- Guenther 1-0

and Saint Louis will Likely Secure Second Place (depending how Seattle does), Saint Louis Wins 3-1

Two of the Teams that are Eliminated from Playoff Contention Bring Sub-2300 Lineups: The San Francisco Mechanics vs the Miami Sharks

IM Naroditsky- GM Becerra 1/2-1/2

Recio- FM Liou 0-1

FM Lee- Rosenthal 1-0

Salisbury- Ebrahimi 1-0 I don’t know either of these players but I looked at their MSA pages and while Ebrahimi has been consistent in the 1800s, Salisbury is on a sharp rise, having made expert recently.

and a weak San Francisco Team shall defeat a weak Miami team, San Francisco wins 2.5-1.5

The Arizona Scorpions Who May with a Little Luck Rise to 3rd Place vs the Potentially Spoiling Carolina Cobras 

IM Molner- IM Schroer- 1-0 a draw is the second most likely result!

FM Simpson- IM Altounian 0-1 Altounian will handle a lot of Simpson’s complications and simplify to get the full point!

IM Ginsburg- Jones 1-0

Timmel- Martinez 1/2-1/2

 and for a change, I won’t take any margin of error! Arizona Shall win 3.5-.5! 

The Los Angeles Vibe Shall Attempt to Maintain its Lifetime Record against the Seattle Sluggers (Current Score 2-1)

I give LA a lot of credit for utilizing a strong 2400+ lineup, even though they are already eliminated from playoff contention. To be honest, it’s a little disappointing that some of the other teams sort of threw in the towel, brining subpar lineups.

IM Amanov- FM Mikhailuk 1-0

FM Milat- IM Kiewra 1-0 Milat won their 2010 encounter with the black pieces. Kiewra is definitely stronger now with a higher rating and IM title, but my instincts tell me Milat will win again!

FM Kavutskiy- FM Collyer 1/2-1/2

Sinanan- FM Yanayt 1-0

and we shall see Seattle Win 2.5-1.5

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