Mamaleh’s Overtakes Rubins and Zaftigs as Best Jewish Deli in Boston Area!

Earlier this month a new Jewish delicatessen Mamaleh’s opened up in Kendall Square, right around the corner from one of Cambridge’s best brunch spots Friendly Toast.

Having grown up in New York, and having dined in some of the best Jewish Delis, including 2nd Ave Deli, Sammy’s Romanian, Katzs and others, I feel like I can share some input.
This past Sunday afternoon I went with 9 friends for brunch at Mamaleh’s: 

On the table, you can see my friends, and lots of typical Jewish deli delicacies, including but not limited to a bagel with cream cheese and lox, kugel, Dr. Browns Black Cherry, and an egg cream. 
This was my meal- a kugel and absolutely delicious Babka French Toast 

Here were the pros: 
  1. Takes brunch reservations unlike any other restaurant in Cambridge/Somerville 
  2. Delicious food 
  3. Good Prices: $12 for sandwich, $4-8 for apps/sides 
  4. Good local Barrington coffee 
  5. Nice atmosphere- typical Jewish deli feel; you can see people cooking in kitchen; restraurant also has nice little souvenir shop 
My one con that I noticed: 
  1. No free pickles;  $5 pickle plate wasn’t too big
I’ll definitely be going back in the near future so I can try one of their sandwiches. You really can’t judge a Jewish deli without trying their corned beef. So far from what I can see, Mamaleh’s overtook Zaftigs and Rubin’s as  the best Jewish Deli in the Boston area! 

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