Keep your friends closer, and your enemies closer

Do a little research and write another blog post about chess friends and how “competitive “ chess players can also be good friends. Masters can learn from each other.

When you are the business of being a chess player, your goal is to improve your own skillset, and you can take on the next guy.

When that is a players goal, it could potentially put up a barrier between the players, and not allow for their meeting each other to turn into anything friendly. This is only natural.

So with all that info in play, the question is this, it is possible to established a true and real friendship between chess competitors.

For starters, think about what one is experiencing when playing chess competitively. Definitely some strong emotions, immersion in the game, and of-course, adrenaline. These feelings typically don’t bring out the better side of people and cloud one’s ability to be friendly, and/or make friends.

However, it isn’t impossible for chess players to be friends, or at least friendly, it is all about the indivudal apporach towards one another.

Also, if one is really in the business of improving their own skill, then they can’t really keep up that anger-based competitive mindset, and without, they have a higher chance of actually making friends with the person across from them.

So to all those reading this who have anger towards people they have played in the past, and people they are going to play in the future. It isn’t worth it, try and get along with them. You may learn a thing or two!

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