How small could the Chess World be ?

By Leo Solal, Premier Chess Business Development Manager

Two chess enthusiasts about to make a draw in the Philidor Defence
Steven and Me

As I walked into Asiam Thai Cuisine by 1st and 15th street and wasn’t able to recognize anyone that I’d already had met, I took a sit on one of the far end table of that compact eating place, ordered some drinks and started conversation with my new neighbor. His name was Steven and I had already bumped into him earlier in the Summer at Central Park so I figured we both got Evan‘s invitation to this monthly homemade chess event. I mean how small can New York be for two chess scholars to end up at the exact same place just to enjoy its “Kung Fu Chicken” ? Anyhow me and my newly acquainted neighbor held a pretty steady discussion on the pros and cons of lichess and as the restaurant was getting somewhat more filled. As devoted as he was to chess I was pleasantly surprised to entertain a pretty normal conversation with him since as you may all know chess enthusiasts aren’t always as socially apt as we would appreciate our mother in law to be. On that note we both agreed that lichess had a neat online platform and that perhaps was somewhat a little bit more concerned on profits but by all means I use both.

Games started and everyone played everybody two games, one with White and one with Black. I held my own for most of the tournament until I played my former coworker. On the bright side I surely learned how to be a more consistent blitz players by playing through that evening at Asiam Thai Cuisine that’s frequented by some chess fans among other regular customers.

Earlier that day while heading to a job assignment I was reading through the informal brochure of Premier Chess’ event that would have been taking place at Asiam Thai Cuisine. It turns out they arrange a couple of these occurrences every now and then where chess followers can meet and participate in chess games on wobbly tables. We did play touch move and the ambiance was quite nice so I guess the playing conditions aren’t as different as the ones the USCF usually offer, it is Asian cuisine after all. I mean that it tends to be well spent money.

Check out our next tournament there, just click on me.

09/23/19 - Rapid Tournament at Asiam Thai Cuisinie

1Evan Rabin (NM)2291X0.5220.5229
2Leo Solal19651.5X1.5200.51.57
3Steven Mitlitzky190200.5X20103.5
4Daniel Slavin1500000X0011
5Bahadur Khodzhamkuliev (CM)2119 1.5222X20.510
6Bartosz Kocwin (FM)221401.5120X15.5
7Ted Belanoff (NM)216700.5211.52X7

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