Hartford Open: Youth vs the Aged

When I boarded the bus at South Station to Hartford, I ran into Libardo Rueda, who unsurprisingly also going to play in the tournament. See my old post regarding the USATE for psychological warfare against his team! On the bus, we had a conversation regarding young and older chess players. When we both said we were playing in the u2205 section, and he said we may play, I automatically said it would most likely be in the 4th or 5th round and he said that showed overconfidence as we both would have to score high in the early rounds to do so.

With that said, I did keep some degree of self-confidence as necessary. In round 2, I played Barsky, who I lost two twice previously and many more times years ago in the Marshall Friday Night Rapids; however I did not let these losses get to me and managed to keep strong self-confidence. Here was one of the game’s most critical positions:

After this game, I drew Meredith as seen as in my last Hartford post. Now, myself, Meredith, Plotkin and Patrick Chi had 2.5/3. I find my game against Chi heavily influenced by his high level of self confidence. Patrick Chi is a great talent, who recently won the NYS Elementary championships and broke expert. Assuming he goes, he will have a great shot of winning the Elementary nationals too- best of luck to him. Without question he is by far stronger (1000 rating pts!) stronger than I was at his age so I give him my utmost respect but perhaps he could use advice when it comes to his super high confidence that may lead to his downfall sometimes as shown through my game against him:

Thats all for now…For all your non-chess readers though, heres a rather hilarious video I saw recently of Ringo saying to his fans to stop sending fan mail…. If you don’t remember from a few posts back, yes, I am currently possessed by a craze for Ringo’s music.

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