Chess, Vikings, and 1 Million in USD

It is often said that one mans trash is another mans treasure, and in this case it couldn’t apply more.

So, did you know that the Vikings actually played chess? Means that they must have been a somewhat civilized group of people, you know, when they weren’t busy ram-sacking villages.

The chess piece was stored in a drawer for 55 years.

Regardless, the piece you see picture below was purchased for $6 from an antique dealer in 1964.

Unfortunately for the shop owner, he/she was not aware of the actual value of the piece, which was sold at an auction in London yesterday, on Tuesday, for $929,000, after being stored in a drawer of the previous owner for over 55 years.

The piece was originally discovered in the Isle of Lewis in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides in 1831, and is carved from Walrus Ivory.

This is the first piece from the Lewis Chessmen set to be auctioned.

I can’t help but feel bad for the owner’s of the antique store, knowing the fortune they missed on. So a message to everyone reading this, if you have any antique looking chess pieces somewhere in your house, do a little research on them!

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Daniel Mascola,

Operations Assistant

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