Story Time Chess

STORY TIME CHESS™ is a new and innovative way to teach chess to children as young as 3.

Through fun and engaging stories and characters, STORY TIME CHESS™ has developed an amazing way to engage kids and bring the benefits of chess to children who may be too young to learn traditional chess. STORY TIME CHESS™ makes learning the game of chess fun, through beautifully illustrated stories teaching them the strategies and moves of the entire board of chess pieces. Each character has a unique story and purpose, like King Chomper or Queen Bella. Your child will be guided along through their story and understand the hows and whys of the moves of chess. Each chess piece has a beautifully drawn character, so they can take what they learn in the story and apply it to the game itself. There are also over 30 mini games included, covering all of the characters and teaching them in a fun and engaging way even more things about the game of chess. The board is also dual-sided, and the STORY TIME CHESS™ character pieces can slide out of the traditional pieces, allowing regulation gameplay as your child grows. STORY TIME CHESS™ is the most unique and innovative way to teach the wonderful game of chess to young children. The benefits are incalculable and children everywhere will discover a fun new activity and game they may have never been interested in before.



By Andrew Kashian, Founder of Story Time Chess.

A New Gambit

I’m not the best chess player. And by not the best, I mean if I was to play a match with one of the second-graders at our chess camp, the smart money would be on the second-grader. Don’t get me wrong; I love games involving strategy and competition, but I’ve only ever had a passing acquaintance with the game of chess. I learned how to play as a kid, but after learning the basics I didn’t stick with it any further. Which is why I’m thrilled to say that, as of today, I’ll be working with so many brilliant chess players at Premier Chess.

The Copy Specialist: For all your print, copy, and design needs.

It was more or less a fluke how this came to be: Rosemary Depersia, owner of The Copy Specialist asked me to sub for her last week at her BNI chapter and there I met Evan Rabin. He was in need of a new person in operations at his company and we got to talking. At Premier Chess, I’ll be writing blogs posts, handling social media engagement, working on business development, and whatever other tasks need doing. As I learned more about the company, I realized that Premier stands out from other chess-tutoring companies. While other companies generally tutor only children, Premier Chess also teaches corporate classes, because they recognize that education and learning experiences don’t end when your time at school ends. By playing chess, students strengthen skills such as critical thought, memory, and problem-solving- skills that are no less important in a corporate environment.

My first game at Premier Chess!

But those skills are not all that chess offers. I read an article a while back in Engadget about a company that ran weekly Dungeons & Dragons campaigns for its employees. Many workers had jobs that involved sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day, with little interaction with their colleague. The chance to spend an hour or two every week socializing with coworkers and working towards a common goal within the game contributed towards teambuilding, workplace communication, and overall job satisfaction. A company chess class offers the same opportunities, a way for employees to engage with each other in a non-work context while still honing skills vital to the workplace.

Anyway, this was a roundabout way of saying that I’m very excited to join the Premier Chess team and I look forward to what’s to come. I’ve also included the link to the Engadget article here.

Thanks for reading, Phillip Safran – Operations Assistant

Premier Chess Camp Runs until August 23

Premier Chess Camp Runs until August 23!


Camp led by Brooklyn Friends School Chess Director Gary Ryan and Premier Chess CEO National Master Evan Rabin, who collectively over 30 years teaching experience 

-Learn more about Gary, a chess teacher, theologian and philosopher here..

-Camp will have a 4-1 student-teacher ratio

-Camp will feature, chess practicum, supervised free-play, weekly field trips, USCF Rated Tournaments and more.

-Healthy snacks and pizza lunches will be provided.     

-Brooklyn Friends School, 116 Lawrence St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Cost: $500/week  
**Use Promo Code “roses” for $50 off weekly registration by tomorrow night  
Day Passes are also available for $125.

Register here.

An Interview with Gary Ryan- Chess Teacher, Theologian and Philosopher

G: I am a philosopher and theologian, who plays chess.

E: Tell me about yourself.

E: Where did you do your chess and theologian studies?

G: I did my philosophy studies at Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi, my theology studies at Harvard and chess bootcamp  at the Chess Forum in Greenwich Village. 

E: How long have you been playing chess?

G: When I was 10, someone gave my family a cardboard box chess set with instructions and I taught myself.

E: Tell me about when you realized chess would be a true passion.

G: I remember as kid sitting in Church on a Sunday morning listening to a sermon and thinking about chess. My heart would race. I used to be part of a chess community at The Chess Forum in the 90s before internet chess. A lot of great players used to play there at all hours.

E: Tell me about the most interesting player you met there:

G: None of us stood out more than anyone else; we were all characters. We all had nicknames, including Marky D, Holy Man, Sweet Pea, Master Ernie, Russian Paul and Dr. Wu. Back in the day, WGM Jennifer Shahade, IM Greg Shahade, GM Ben Finegold, FM Mike Klein, IM Farai  Mandizha and other strong players would come as well. GM Bill Lombardy used to come hang out late at night.  I started meeting guys who worked at Chess in the Schools and liked the idea of working for a non-profit that taught chess in the inner-city.

E: Tell me more about your teaching career:

G: I started teaching with Chess in the Schools in the 90s, working alongside many great chess teachers, e,g the Shahades, GM Miron Sher, Jonathan Corbblah, Mike Klein, Elizabeth Spiegel, David MacEnulty, IM Yury Lapshun, etc. I later worked at PS 116 with IM Suadin Robovic. In my very fist ever chess class at The Chess Forum, I taught a young version of GM Fabiano Caruana.

E: Elaborate on your experience with Fabiano.

G: He was a wild-child kindergartener. He had the most mischievous demeaner ever. He would tell his opponents” move your piece here” and then he would take free pieces. His mom and dad would sit patiently in the waiting area for the lesson to conclude. They would drink tea and baklava while I would teach a class of kindergartners.

E: When did you know that Fabiano may be a prodigy?

G: I was a new chess teacher and didn’t know he was that good. That was the first chess class I ever taught. I knew that he was head and shoulders above all the other kids. Later when he was in 4th grade, I played against him in the United States Amateur Team East on board 4 and he killed me like I was little kid. His father reminded me that I was his first ever chess teacher.

E: Tell me about where you currently teach.
G: I teach curriclum and after-school classes at Brooklyn Friends, PS 40, PS 124, corporate classes and private lessons.   E: Tell me something interesting that know ones!

G: I am part of a chess cabal; David Macenulty, Ron Boocock and I meet for dinner and talk shop  bi-monthly. E: Where can people find you for lessons for over the summer?

G: We have a summer camp at Brooklyn Friends until 8/23. We learn a lot of chess, hone our skills, enjoy weekly field trips and eat ice cream; sign up here!

Why Join ChessKid?

-by ChessKid CEO Mike Klein, AKA FunMasterMike

ChessKid is the largest chess learning and playing site for kids. As with anything, a child needs to practice multiple times per week to improve, and ChessKid allows kids to play, do puzzles, watch videos, take lessons, and more. ChessKid is 100 percent safe with no ads, chatting, or outside links. And your child’s Premier Chess coach can even monitor his/her progress. Sign up for a free account today with the official Premier Chess link to ensure that you’ll be in our online club.