How Winning the USATE 2017 Influenced Me to Form Pillar Sales!

When Winning the USATE Leads to Forming a Company! 

In May 2007 I was on the cover of Chess Life after leading the first place team at the 2007 United States Amateur Team East. This victory inspired my entrepreneurship. I was then an International Baccalaureate student at Dwight in Manhattan.  I utilized several business principles when leading the team. 
I utilized person specification, a tool human resource departments use, as I picked four players whose ratings averaged just under 2200. I performed secondary research, looking at the winning teams in previous years and learned it was best to have four balanced players instead of having a grandmaster and three weaker players. I also analyzed my competitors’ games as companies perform reverse engineering.

My teammates had strong camaraderie.  The 1950s team influenced our team name “Beavis and Buttvinnik”. We were nominated for “Best Team Name”. The importance of our name reflected how companies push for brand equity. GM John Fedorowicz said “ Your team is a lot nicer than ours.” when my teammate returned to the board with water for our team. 

Our USATE title influenced my desire to co-found Pillar Sales, a sales outsourcing company for small and medium SaaS companies: