What do Sales Outsourcing and Chess Lessons have in Common?!

If you guessed the thing that sales outsourcing and chess lessons have in common is that they are the two new business ventures of your loyal blogger, that is correct!!

Our Company Logo 

I recently moved back to New York to work on a sales outsourcing startup that works with small and medium sized software companies that do not have the resources to build out their own sales teams. We offer both base and guaranteed lead cost structures. For more information, see http://www.pillarsales.com or email me at evan@pillarsales.com.

On the side, I am teaching chess in four schools in Manhattan and with private students. Check out my website here: www.premierchess.com If you are looking for a teacher for yourself, child or a group, let me know!

In music news, I have lots of shows on the horizon- Gregg Allman Band, Jaimoes’ Jazzs Band, Tedeschi Trucks Band and others. Stay posted for some reviews!

The Nowheremen Play for All Ages in Brookline, MA on 8/3

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On Wednesday, August 3, The Noheremen played for a kids-filled audience in Emerson Garden as part of the Brookline Summer Concert Series. 
Two weeks before, I saw Sir Paul McCartney at Fenway Park (http://adventuresofrabin.blogspot.com/2016/07/sir-paul-mccartney-makes-history-with.html) so I was on a Beatles high.  
Sir Paul had a fair amount of kids at his show but not early as much as The Nowheremen did, perhaps cause the show started fairly early at 6:00 PM. 
The set featured some old mellow Beatles songs like “The Night Before” and some quicker paced danceworthy songs like “Drive my Car” and “Lady Madonna.”Lady Mandonna” and a  few other tunes did include soloing. 
I can’t complain because it was a free show but the one disappointment I had was when the show abruptly ended at 7:36, when it was advertised to go until 8. I thought they would play an encore or two but the show was indeed over. 
Overall it was a pleasant evening with a decent dose of Beatlesmania, good friends and nice weather.  I get by with a little help from my friends!

I am going to try to see last show of the series, next Wednesday, August 10th a Bluegrass show by Chasing Blue, which will take place in Waldstein Park:


Prelude to Days Between with Playing Dead, 7/29-7/30!

Deadheads around the world are commemorating “Days Between”, the days between Jerry’s birthday, August 1 and death day, August 8th.

 As a prelude to Days Between, I attended the two night run, New England’s premier Dead tribute band Playing Dead July 29th-30th. On the 29th, the band did its annual Jerry Garcia Memorial River Run and Show. On the 30th, it did its annual “Ship of Fools” on the Bashtan Harbah. 
With my Friend Audrey

I missed the first few songs of the 29th show and came in during the middle of “Next Time You See Me”. We then got a countryesque Johnny Cash cover “Big River”. The set featured several other Dead hits that have been popular in the latest Dead and Company tour, including” Ramble on Rose”, “Jack Straw” and “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad”. 

The band also did some lesser known hits like” Roadrunner” to commemorate the runners who completed the race earlier in the evening. 
The highlight of the set for me was the Stevie Winwood “Gimme Some Lovin” cover, which featured ex-DSO guitarist Jimbo Harris on lead vocals. I had flashbacks to September 21, 2014 Phil Lesh and Friends show when Phil and friends, including Warren Haynes, did a nice version of “Low Sparks of High Heeled Boys”, which features one of my favorite bass lines of all time.  
After the fast-paced, upbeat “Sugar Magnolia”set closer, I walked out during the “U.S Blues” encore. Too bad I had to leave show a little early but had work the next day and another night of Playing Dead to look forward to afterwards.  
Night 2 of this mini run was borderline utopia. Couldn’t think of a much better way to spend a Friday night than hearing Dead music and lots of soloing on a boat on the Boston Harbor with new and old friends.

Jamming on the Boat!
With my Friends Caitlin and Connor! 
As the boat rocked people back and forth a bit, everyone was dancing during the somwhat predictable but excellent “Shakedown Street” opener.  
Lead guitarist Vic DeRobertis shredded as he always does during “Deal”. 
I was happy when I heard “Midnight Hour” for the first time in a while. It’s a song that Further used to play often. 
The set ended with a bang of “Bertha”, which led into the “One More Saturday Night” encore. This choice did actually take me by surprise a bit as it was a Friday night. You may remember from my Dead and Company Fenway Run review, that the Saturday night encore was my one bit of criticism: 
Overall, the run was a blast; looking forward to more Playing Dead shows in the future. Stay tuned for reviews of Australian Pink Floyd and Hot Tuna shows in Boston this weekend ahead! 

Mamaleh’s Overtakes Rubins and Zaftigs as Best Jewish Deli in Boston Area!

Earlier this month a new Jewish delicatessen Mamaleh’s opened up in Kendall Square, right around the corner from one of Cambridge’s best brunch spots Friendly Toast.

Having grown up in New York, and having dined in some of the best Jewish Delis, including 2nd Ave Deli, Sammy’s Romanian, Katzs and others, I feel like I can share some input.

This past Sunday afternoon I went with 9 friends for brunch at Mamaleh’s: 

On the table, you can see my friends, and lots of typical Jewish deli delicacies, including but not limited to a bagel with cream cheese and lox, kugel, Dr. Browns Black Cherry, and an egg cream. 
This was my meal- a kugel and absolutely delicious Babka French Toast 

Here were the pros: 
  1. Takes brunch reservations unlike any other restaurant in Cambridge/Somerville 
  2. Delicious food 
  3. Good Prices: $12 for sandwich, $4-8 for apps/sides 
  4. Good local Barrington coffee 
  5. Nice atmosphere- typical Jewish deli feel; you can see people cooking in kitchen; restraurant also has nice little souvenir shop 
My one con that I noticed: 
  1. No free pickles;  $5 pickle plate wasn’t too big
I’ll definitely be going back in the near future so I can try one of their sandwiches. You really can’t judge a Jewish deli without trying their corned beef. So far from what I can see, Mamaleh’s overtook Zaftigs and Rubin’s as  the best Jewish Deli in the Boston area! 

Rising Star Chris Stapleton Wows Crowd at Forest Hills Stadium on 7/24!

When Chris Stapleton played a show at Forest Hills Stadium on July 23rd, he had tough shoes to follow. In the past few weeks Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and other artists played shows there. 

The 2X 2016 Grammy winning artist ( Best Country Album and Best Country Solo Performance) lived up to the task.

Any of my loyal readers would guess I went to Greg Allman’s Laid Back Festival in Jones Beach this past Saturday evening instead. To the contrary, one of my New Years’ resolutions has been to listen to more Post-1980 music. I’d lie if my new liking for Chris Stapleton had not nothing to do with the Allman Brothers though. I first heard of him when I saw this video of him guesting for Warren Haynes during ” Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” in Nashville last October: 

Unsurprisingly, he did play lots of hits off his Grammy winning album “Traveler”, including the title song itself, the opener “Nobody to Blame”, “The Devil Named Music” and “Tennessee Whiskey”. 

Whiskey turned out to be a theme of the show; in addition to “Tennessee Whiskey”, he played “Drinkin’ Dark Whiskey” and “Whiskey and You”. 

The highlight of the one long set show was a cover of “You are My Sunshine”, in which Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane Stapleton exhibited high-pitched vocals and encouraged a lot of audience participation ala Paul McCartney. 

After “Fire Away”, we got a tease of the song everyone wants to hear at a rockshow- none other than “Freebird”. It would have been nice if the band played the whole thing; Stapleton and his backup guitarist played some nice bluesy solos. 

For the encore, I was able to get up to the third row and snap some good shots from my phone camera. Stapleton did a good job singing “Sometimes I Cry” in a low but loud pitch like Greg Allman does on “Whipping Post.” 

I do have a bit of mixed feelings that I missed Gregg’s festival over this show but I am definitely happy I went. Once Stapleton produces a few more albums and has a larger songs catalog, he will become a true top-tier artist and will attract more guests of his one. 
 Here is the full setlist:

  1. Play Video

  2. Play Video

  3. Play Video

  4. Play Video

  5. Play Video

  6. Play Video

  7. Play Video

  8. Play Video

  9. (Tom Petty cover)

    Play Video

  10. Play Video

  11. Play Video

  12. Play Video

  13. Play Video

  14. Play Video

  15. Play Video

  16. (George Jones cover)

    Play Video

  17. Encore:
  18. Play Video