Rabin’s Take on the Epic Duel Between The Manhattan Applesauce and Baltimore Kingfishers

The Manhattan Applesauce and the Baltimore Kingfishers are the only Eastern teams who were able to beat Sandy to get to the USCL tonight! Both teams have solid 4.5-3.5 scores and are trying to rise to secure playoff spots. Therefore, I’ll give you a video of Warren Haynes’ “River’s Gonna Rise.” Its the second track of his Grammy nominated Man In Motion album that I reviewed back in May: Man in Motion Review.

In the Boston- New England match that knocked NE out of playoff hopes, I predicted the match correctly but only 1/4 games. Let’s see how I do tonight! 
* I am republishing this post after the start-time of the round because I found out just now that the line-ups have drastically changed. I figured as along as I was home and haven’t observed any of the games yet anyway, I may as well change the predictions.

GM Romanenko- GM Huschenbeth 1-0 I still don’t know much about Huschenbeth but, given his game against Finegold earlier this season, it seem’s like he’s a little out of shape.

IM Vovsha- IM Enkhbat 1/2-1/2 A wild theoretical duel will fiddle out to a draw! 
IM Mandizha- Balasubramanian 1-0 Mr. “Ferari” Farai is a beast…. He’s also playing a lower rated, non-IM! 
WIM Battsetseg- Smith 1-0 Smith has been on fire lately so anything could happen, but Battsetseg has to be considered a favorite! 
and with a very different last-minute lineup, the result shall be the same,  Manhattan Wins 2.5-1.5

Crosby, Stills & Nash Wow the Crowds at NYC’s Beacon Theater, October 20, 2012

You’d expect the three musketeers to be retired in San Diego. Contrarily, Crosby, Stills & Nash are as active as they were back in their 1969 Woodstock days. On Saturday, October 20, I was one of hundreds of fans seeing them at the fourth of their five 2012 shows at New York City’s Beacon Theater. It was near the end of their touring season however, as they have been roaming around all year. On July 17, they released their first live album in 20 years, CSN 2012.
CSN doesn’t sound exactly as they did 40 years ago, but at least you get to see them all. While it would have been nice to hear “Y” Neil Young, you did get to hear the three founding members David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. Each time I saw CSN Live (the other time was in 2009 at Jones Beach), I saw the stage order from left to right as Crosby-Nash- Stills. I wonder why? Maybe the band name “Crosby Nash and Stills” just wouldn’t have the same rhythm.
The stars weren’t with out some new talent however. The most noted newbie was James Raymond, the keyboardist. Graham claims otherwise but I don’t think he would have gotten his stardom without being Crosby’s son. Despite such natural succession, his contribution of solos and the song he penned, “Lay Me Down” was appreciated!
The old fogie who made the biggest impression, was Stills, who remains one of the most underrated guitar players. His Claptonesque ability to play fast, upbeat or slow solos was supported by his whammy bar in his solo in Crosby’s “Deja Vu.” “My job is to write the weird shit”, Crosby joked as he introduced the song.
CSN is also famous for pulling out some out-of-the-blue covers. In 2009, they played the Grateful Dead’s “Uncle Johns Band.”. “We don’t have any business playing this next one, but why the hell not, “ Crosby said before they played it. This time around, they chose Bob Dylan’s love ballad, “Girl From North Country.”
Of course you can’t blame the band for trying to produce new material, but to brutally honest, CSN should stick to its original Rock-and-Roll-Hall-of-Fame-level material. The second set, which included “Deja Vu”, “Wooden Ships,” “49 Bye-Byes,” “Our House,” and other major hits, was absolutely phenomenal. However, I didn’t appreciate some of the newer songs in the first set, such as “Almost Gone”, a political piece Graham wrote about Bradley Manning, an ex US soldier, who is now in solitary confinement for releasing military secrets to WikiLeaks. This song was appropriate for Crosby and Nash’s ad-hoc show at Occupy Wall Street but not a concert.
If CSN sticks to its original roots, the band has a good shot to remain a successful band, well into its members’ 70s. Maybe one of these days, we will even see C, S and N tour with their friend Y!
*I posted videos for the songs I referenced in the review. For a few of the songs, I could not find a video for the October 20 show, so I posted one for a different 2012 date.

Who should win The “T Series?”, the Boston Blitz or the New England Nor’Easters?

I’m not sure if the term “The T Series” actually exists, but I am going to borrow it from the “Subway Series.” During last night’s horrific hurricane, I got a mediocre 2/4 of game and dismal 6/16 of match predictions correct.

I’m not gonna waste time predicting the other matches for now as their lineups will likely change at least a little bit. Those will come soon, as quickly as needed! For a battle to see who reigns supreme in Boston, I shall share with you a 1976 live rendition of Boston’s “More Than a Feeling.”

Anyway onwards to the predictions!:

IM Zierk- FM Riordan 1/2-/2 Zierk is a favorite but he hasn’t been playing much recently, now that he started MIT, and Riordan is a pretty solid player!

IM Yedidia- SM Shmelov 0-1 As shown in his recent GOTW draw with GM Holt, Shmelov is good at mixing things up!

FM Gulamali- FM Bournival 1-0 Gulamali has been a tear this season with a 3/4 record and 2611 performance rating- enough said!

FM Chase- Miller 1-0 These are two players who I have played against several times before. Chase shall steer the game away from complications with a KIA and be victorious.

and Shmelov and Gulamali will keep Boston’s playoff hopes alive; Boston wins 2.5-1.5!

The End is Approaching: Rabin Predicts the Results of the 2012 USCL Season’s Week 9, Part 1

I’ve been on a tear with match predictions; the last three consecutive nights I got 3/4 correct. I did have a little bit of luck last Wednesday however, as only got 7/16 or 43.75% of game predictions correct.

In honor of the great Hurricane Sandy, I shall share with you a live version of “Hurricane” from one of my favorite Israeli-American bands Soulfarm for my Youtube video of the night!

The Carolina Cobras give Rating and Time Odds to the Dallas Destiny

IM Schroer- GM Sadorra 0-1 We all know Schroer has the capability of playing solid chess, but Sadorra is also good at mixing stuff up!

GM Holt- FM Korley 1-0

Jones-Safin 1/2-1/2

Guenther- Mu 0-1

and wins from the GMS shall lead the Destiny to victory, Dallas wins 2.5-1.5

The Miami Sharks and the Los Angeles Vibe Shall Attempt to Break Their 1-1 Tied Lifetime Record

GM Becerra- IM Amanov 1-0

IM Kiewra- SM Perez 1-0

FM Rodriguez- FM Kavutskiy 1/2-1/2

Korba- Rosenthal 0-1 a toss-up between two of the league’s underrated youngsters… I’ll go with Rosenthal as he has more league experience under his belt.

and Miami shall earn a plus lifetime score against LA, Miami wins 2.5-1.5

The St. Louis Arch Bishops shall Attempt to Maintain a Positive Lifetime Record against the Arizona Scorpions (score currently 1.5-.5)

GM Diamant- IM Molner 1-0

IM Altounian- IM Kannappan 1/2-1/2

IM Bregadze- IM Mohandesi 1-0

Chakraborty- Hendrickson 0-1 a toss up, but I’m gonna go with Hendrickson after seeing his stellar performance at the recent SPICE cup, where he gained almost 60 rating points!

and with a margin of error in mind, ST. Louis Shall win 3-1

Two of the Western Division Veteran Heavy-Hitters Duke it Out: The Seattle Sluggers vs the San Francisco Mechanics

GM Akobian- GM Bhat 1-0

GM Kraai- IM Orlov 1-0

Sinanan- FM Lee 1-0

Wheeler- Feng 1/2-1/2

and Seattle Shall Make San Francisco’s playoff prospects minimal; Seattle Wins 2.5-1.5

The Expected Results of the 2012 USCL Season’s Week 8, Western Edition!

Last night, reached a personal best! I got 75% of both game and match predictions correct ( 3/4 and 12/16 respectively). Let’s see if I can keep up my Nostradamus skills for tomorrow night’s matches:) 

As I added Hot Tuna’s December 1 show at the Beacon, show to my calendar, I’ll share a 2011 rendition of “I Know You Rider” of theirs for my acclaimed Youtube Video of the night! Of course, I did not forget my promise about the CSN review; that’ll be published by the end of the week! 
Teams with Inverse Scores (2-5 and 5-2 respectively) Duke it Out!: The San Francisco Mechanics vs The Dallas Destiny 

GM Bhat- GM Chirila 1-0 
IM Wang- GM Kraai 1/2-1/2 Wang has solid 2-0 this season thus far, but is playing his first GM of the year. I don’t think Kraai will push for much after he equalizes… 
FM Sevian- Safin 1-0 A toss-up but Sevian is younger and has more time for opening preparation. Look at his win in the New York Times over Manhattan player Alex King for an example of his opening wonders…. 
Chiang- Wheeler 1-0 
and San Francisco’s playoff chances shall remain alive, San Francisco Wins 2.5-1.5 
The Seattle Sluggers shall Attempt to Maintain its Plus Lifetime Score ( now 1.5-.5) Against the Carolina Cobras

GM Akobian- IM Schroer 1-0 
FM Korley- FM Mikhailuk 0-1 
Sinanan- FM Simpson 1-0 
Jones- Feng 1-0 
Seattle Wins 3-1 
The Arizona Scorpions and the Miami Sharks shall Attempt to Break Their Tied 3-3 Lifetime Record

IM Molner- GM Becerra 1/2-1/2 A complete toss-up… At first I thought Mac would pull off an upset, then I changed my mind that Becerrra would come through and then I said draw… In 2011, Mac scored 1.5/2 against Beccerra… He’s been playing pretty solid chess this season, so I’ll say draw! 
IM Ginsburg- SM Perez  1-0 
FM Adamson- FM Rodriguez 1-0 
Rosenthal- Atoufi 1/2-1/2
and Arizona will gain a plus lifetime score against Miami; Arizona wins 3-1

The Los Angeles Vibe Shall Attempt to Keep St. Louis Archbishops off the Scoreboard in their Lifetime Record ( LA currently leads 2-0) 

IM Amanov- GM Finegold 0-1 
IM Kannappan- IM Kiewra 1-0 
Kavutskiy- IM Bregadze 0-1 
Larson- FM Yanayt 0-1 
and St. Louis will in fact defeat LA for the first time; St. Louis wins 3-1