Gregg Allman on Colbert Report/ a Wee Bit of Cincinnati

Fireworks after a home run

Rabin is currently back in chess camp mode in the suburbs of Cleveland. Yes, I indeed will be headed to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame next weekend, before my co-workers and I head to Pittsburgh. Last week, we were in Cincinnati and got a chance to see one of the three Reds-Indians games on Wednesday, June 13.
Frank’s Franks at The Great American Ball Park 

The same night  Gregg Allman was a guest on the Colbert Report, promoting his 

new autobiography My Cross to Bear: Gregg Allman on Colbert Report
Click on the link to see the footage yourself but a few lines particularly struck me:
– Gregg Allman- “I don’t mind being referred to as a legend. Its a hard one to live up to [though].” 
– Stephen Colbert-” You were married to Cher, right?”… Gregg Allman- ” No, she was married to me.”

Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’m going to make any of the shows, given my travel schedule, but Gregg Allman will soon be jamming with the rest of the “brothers” in several awesome shows in August. They’ve got some individual shows, and some shows with Santana and some others with Lynyrd Skynyrd. 

Rabin Follows the Chess Center of New York to the New Yorker Hotel

“The 4 Rated Games Tonight” may not be taking place at the Marshall Chess Club anymore, but the weekly event is still going stronger than ever at the New Yorker Hotel on 34th St and 8th Ave. The organizer Steve Immitt now has competition, however as the Marshall is running their own G/30 tournaments with a similar structure and prize payout. The one main difference is the Marshall has two place prizes instead of 3.

If you’re not a member of the Marshall, like your loyal blogger, playing at the New Yorker is a much better bet. In contrast to $40, Immitt’s entry fee is $30. For loyal 4 Rated Games Tonight players who played 10 or more tournaments since its inception in 1987, he knocks $10 off the entry fee, making it a reasonable 20. On July 12, he is having a special 25 year anniversary tournament with over 20 place prizes and his new infamous mixed doubles prizes. 25th Anniversary Tournament

Last week on May 31, he threw a special “New Yorker Masters”event for his first Thursday night gig at the New Yorker. May 31 New Yorker Masters With five GMs, 3 IMs and FMs there was some steep competition. In the end, the Georgian GM Mikhail Kekelidze won clear first with 3.5/4, taking home $400. Sam Barsky won clear first in the U2200 section with 3.5/4, pocketing $200. I trailed Barsky, in clear 2nd with 3/4, winning $100. However, I was fortunate to be on the only Mixed Doubles team that night with Olga Sagalchik and we each won $75 bonus prizes. 
Last night, June 7 Steve had his second Thursday night event at the New Yorker. June 7th 4 Rated Games Tonight Georgians are truly taking over the New York City chess circuit: Kekilidze’s compatriot Giorgi Kacheishvili cruised to a 4-0 score to earn the $122 first prize. Andrew Shvartsman got clear second with 3.5/4, worth $81. I tied for third with IM Jay Bonin and Oliver Chernin. They each won $21, while I took the u2200 prize, $77.  Shvartsman and Alexander Weiner won 1st Mixed Doubles, each winning $50 bonuses. Chernin and Laura Ross trailed a half a point behind and won 2nd Mixed Doubles, each taking home an additional $25. Unlike when Sagalchik and I “won” against no other teams, this week, there were 4 teams. 
I highly recommend any chess player in the New York area to come play at the New Yorker on Thursday nights. The entry fee is reasonable, the prizes are good, the playing conditions are great, there is free food and one has the opportunity to get on a mixed doubles team for an extra chance at cash with no extra cost. 
Below are two of my games last night: my win against Jason Ciano from round 1 and my draw against Andrew Ryba: