Shall Philadelphia or Seattle win the 2012 USCL Championship?!

The end of the 2012 USCL season is here; tomorrow night the Philadelphia Inventors and the Seattle Sluggers will fight for all the glory tomorrow, December 1 at 4 PM! With that in mind, I give you Rabin’s final set of predictions for 2012!

GM Erenburg- GM Akobian 1/2-1/2 These guys drew at the Philadelphia Open back in April in a topsy-turvy affair. Erenburg had a slight advantage, blundered a piece in time pressure, and was miraculously able to draw. Akobian has been a fire this year, but as FM Mike Klein mentioned in his interview with GM Erenburg, four out of his five games this year was with the white pieces.

IM Orlov- SM Fisher 1-0 Fisher is known to perennially pull off upsets in the league and the truth of the matter is I wouldn’t be all that surprised if he did here too, but with his recent wins against GMs Kraai and Holt, I think Orlov shall remain a favorite!

FM Gorman- Sinanan 1-0 FM Gorman has been a straight up beast this season, enough said!

Feng- IM Costigan 1/2-1/2 In a battle between youth and age, I think Costigan will equalize in the opening and not push for much more!

and a 2-2 Tied Match will lead to a tiebreaker that Seattle will win!

The Results-to-be of the 2012 USCL Semifinals!

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on my side last Wednesday, as I got 0/2 match predictions and only 3/8 or 37.5% of game predictions correct. Hopefully I can turn things around for the semifinals!

Wednesday night, I will be seeing Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler at the Barclays Center. Here’s a video of a rendition of “Things Have Changed” that they performed a few months ago in Rome!

A Repeat of the 2011 Eastern Division Quarterfinals: The Manhattan Applesauce give Draw Odds to the Philadelphia Inventors 

GM Romanenko- GM Erenburg 1/2-1/2 Erenburg won their week 7 encounter but that was with the white pieces; Romanenko is a rock with white!

IM Bartell- IM Vovsha 1/2-1/2 Vovsha is 2-0 against Bartell in league history, but he was white both times. Bartell is pretty solid as white too!

Shvartsman- FM Gorman 1/2-1/2 two solid players, why not draw?!

IM Costigan- King 1/2-1/2

and a match of four hard fought draws will send Philadelphia to the championship, Drawn Match 2-2

The Seattle Sluggers Yield Draw Odds to the Arizona Scorpions due to Inferior Tiebreaks ( Both Teams had 6.5-4.5 regular season records)

GM Akobian- IM Molner 1-0 a repeat result of week 3!

IM Altounian- IM Orlov 1/2-1/2- Altounian is a rock!

Sinanan- IM Mohandesi 1/2-1/2 solid guys!

Chakraborty-Lessler 1-0

and we shall see another Drawn Match 2-2

and Philadelphia and Arizona will both benefit from draw odds to face off in the 2012 USCL Championship!

Rabin’s Prognostics for the 2012 USCL Western Division’s Quaterfinals!

I did a pretty lame job predicting the Eastern Quarterfinals. I have to give Manhattan some credit for defeating my beloved Knights in a topsy-turvy match. Manager Shaun Smith was talking a lot of smack about the match and I requested I write an apology for predicting New York would win, if they lost. While I refuse to apologize, I thought I’d at least share our conversation!

 I also got a mere 1/8 or 12.75% of game predictions correct but will take the consolation that I least predicted the correct outcome of the Philadelphia- Baltimore match. 
Let’s hope things are better for tonight! It’s nice to have some competition now with Ron Young being back with his famous jumbles! 
For my acclaimed Youtube video, I give you Phil Lesh and Friends’ encore from last night’s show, a rendition of “Not Fade Away.” Expect a review of that show to a blog near you soon! 
The Two-Time USCL Champions, The Dallas Destiny vs the Veteran Seattle Sluggers Who Never Quite Made it to the End 

GM Sadorra- GM Akobian 1/2-1/2 Akobian will equalize in a theoretical opening and a draw will be the ultimate result! 
IM Orlov- GM Holt 0-1 Orlov is certainly capable of drawing or beating Holt, especially as he shocked the crowds a few weeks ago, defeating GM Kraai. However, Holt is pretty good at creating complications to win with black. I also think Kraai didn’t play his best in that game; out of the opening, it seemed as if he lost the two bishops for no real reason.
Safin- Sinanan 1-0 Anything can happen.. Safin has an incredible 4/4 record this season, while Sinanan has an excellent 5/7 record. With a slightly better record, a higher rating and the white pieces I’ll give Safin an edge. 
Lessler- Guenther 1-0 
and Dallas will end Seattle’s Season, Dallas Wins 2.5-1.5 
The Experienced Arizona Scorpions Take on the USCL Post-Season Newbies, The St. Louis Archbishops 
IM Molner- GM Diamant 1/2-1/2 They drew in week 9, why not draw again?! 
IM Kannappan- IM Altounian 1/2-1/2 I think Kannappan is a slight favorite to win, but Altounian very rarely loses USCL games! 
IM Mohandesi- IM Bregadze 1/2-1/2 Similar note the above game! I thought Bregadze was a favorite in their week 9 match up, and that was with the white pieces. They drew then, so another one seems likely!
Hendrickson- Chakraborty 1-0 Time for Revenge!
and Hendrickson will lead the newbies to victory! St. Louis Wins 2.5-1.5 

Rabin Predicts the Results of the 2012 USCL Season’s Eastern Division Quaterfinals

I will give a detailed analysis of my stats for the regular season, but that’ll have to wait. My music readers will have lots to read this week as I have two concerts coming up this week! Tuesday night I’m going to Phil Lesh and Friends at the Roseland Ballroom and Wednesday I’m seeing the Who play the Quadrophenia album at the Barclays Center.

For my youtube video, here’s a rendition of “St. Stephen” the band did in Monclair last week:

Without further ado, here’s the expected results of tomorrow’s night quarterfinal matches!

The Manhattan Applesauce Shall Attempt to Seek Revenge for its 2011 Semifinal Loss to the New York Knights 

GM Romanenko- GM Gelashvili 1/2-1/2 Gelashvili got upset by Romanenko earlier this season. However, I don’t think Gelashvili will crumble this time!

SM Herman- IM Vovsha 0-1 A toss-up in a wild game! With his back-to-back victories against IM Enkhbat and GM Hess, Vovsha seems pretty scary though!

Shvartsman- FM Bodek 0-1 Instincts here!

Katz- King 1-0 While objectively I think King is a stronger player than Katz, I think preparation will do Katz justice here and he will pull off a slight upset.

and my beloved knights shall defeat my second favorite team, New York Wins 2.5-1.5

The Philadelphia Inventors Shall Attempt to Make Use of Its 1st Place Finish Against The Baltimore Kingfishers

Last year Philadelphia also got the first place seat, but got knocked out in the quarterfinals by Manhattan Anyway… Shall it help them out this year?

GM Erenburg- IM Enkhbat 1-0 Enkhbat is a solid player and Erenburg has had a lot of draws this season… I was tempted to predict a draw, but I think Erenburg will come trough with a win!

GM Kaufman- IM Bartell 1/2-1/2 It’s gonna be a relatively peaceful game.

FM Gorman- NM Wang 1-0 Wang shocked the crowds in week 8 as he upset GM Gulko with the black pieces.. However, Gorman has been a beast all season long….. I think Wang will go for complications due to draw odds and end up taking too many risks.

FM Zimmer- IM Costigan 1-0 Instincts!

and Philadelphia will meet New York in the Semfinals, Philadelphia Wins 2.5-1.5

Rabin’s Predictions for the End of the USCL’s Eastern Divsion’s 2012 Season!!

I finished predicting the Western Division’s 2012 season with a  bang, getting 3/4 matches and 11/16 match predictions correct. There were two last minute lineup changes that I did not account for ( Byambaa playing for SF instead of Ebrahimi and Mu playing for Carolina instead of Simpson). My stats are actually on the conservative side as I truthfully would have probably predicted Byambaa to beat Salisbury and Altounian to beat Mu. To the contrary, both games were draws.

Tomorrow night will be a very exciting end to the Eastern Division’s as seven out of eight are still in playoff contention. See for a summary of playoff scenarios. Let’s see what the results shall be!!

As three of the seven surviving teams will be eliminated, we shall definitiely see some stiff competition tomorrow night!

The Potentially Spoiling New England Nor’easters vs the Likely-to-be 2012 USCL Eastern Division Champions, the Philadelphia Inventors

GM Ivanov- GM Erenburg 1/2-1/2

FM Bartell- IM Vigorito 1-0 In 2010, they drew when Vigorito was white. In 2008, Bartell won with the white pieces.. I think he’ll win again!

Theil- Gorman 1/2-1/2 While Gorman has been on fire lately, Theil hasn’t played in the USCL since 2010’s Week 10. While part of me wants to say Gorman will win, I think Theil will keep things solid with the white pieces.

Daly- Goldberg 0-1

and Philadelphia will be secured the first place spot in the East! Drawn Match 2-2

The Connecticut Dreadnoughts Needs to Defeat the Manhattan Applesauce to Have a Good Chance to Make the Playoffs!

GM Hess- IM Vovsha 1-0

IM Schneider- GM Kekelidze 0-1

IM Sarkar- IM Milman 1/2-1/2

Smith- Tanenbaum 1-0

and both teams will likely make the playoffs; Connecticut Wins 2.5-1.5

Two Teams Near the Middle of the Pack Duke it Out for Playoff Spots: The New Jersey Knockouts vs the New York Knights

GM Stripunsky- GM Gelashvili 1/2-1/2

SM Herman- GM Gulko 0-1

FM Shen- FM Bodek 0-1

Katz- Burke 1-0

and NY will end NJ’s 2012 USCL Season! NY Wins 2.5-1.5

The Baltimore Kingfishers and the Boston Blitz Shall Fight to the Bitter End for A Potential Seat in the Playoffs

GM Margelashvili- Shmelov 1-0

FM Gulamali- GM Kaufman 0-1

Defibaugh- Matirosov 0-1

Krasik- Zimmer 1-0

and a Drawn 2-2 Match will make Baltimore’s playoff hopes tiny and Boston’s absolutely none!