2 Free Online Bob Weir Shows Wednesday Night!!!!

Good News! : I have the perfect way to celebrate the end of my exams tomorrow. On Wednesday night, Bob Weir and his trio “Scaring the Children”,along with TRI, is doing two free shows at 6 and 9 PM:

Tune in Wednesday, December 21 at 6 PM and 9 PM PST for a special Psychedelic Christmas present from Bob Weir’s trio “Scaring the Children” and TRI!

The show will be FREE, but you must sign up to be a member on our website. It will also require a promo code.

To watch the show, simply follow these steps.
-Click http://www.tristudios.com/upcoming
-Click event Psychedelic Christmas
-Click “Buy Now”
-Enter promo code to keep event FREE:
jolly for 6pm
merry for 9pm
** Make sure you use these codes or you will be charged **
-Click Checkout
-Login or Sign up
-Go to your purchases to watch event.

Guns N’ Roses to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

It has been announced that the Guns N’ Roses will be one of the 2012 inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While they aren’t the most talented band, their stage presence is pretty amazing and they put on great shows. In 2006, I enjoyed seeing them with a few old friends at Madison Square Garden. 

Guns and Roses
Their fellow inductees, of less interest to me, will be  the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Beastie Boys and the Small Faces/Faces. 

Another week, Another Pretty Good Outing at the Boylston: Back over 2200:)

Some of my greatest chess results have happened in my spur of the moment tournaments. Just the other night I was on the phone with my friend Rob Guevera, congratulating him on his recent tie for first at the National Chess Congress U 2200 section, and we talked about the fact that I haven’t been playing as much recently. While my relative inactivity is due to tons of school work and the job search, we agreed that along with making  a tournament schedule in advance, it has likely made be more consistent as a chess player. Despite our agreement however, my body woke me up at 7:20 today just in time to run to the 7:51 commuter rail to make the Boylston on time for the 1st round of today’s Quad…. While I didn’t make too much progress on my papers, I played pretty well and jumped back over the magic 2200:)

For the second week in a a row, I played the infamous FM Chris Chase. I’m still in the clear (-) against Chase, but fortunately minimized that minus score by 1. In a Reti, I relatively easily equalized and successfully launched a quick attack which ended in him having to sacrifice his queen to avoid forced mate!

In the second round, I played Robert Perez, whom I have recently struggled against a few times at the Waltham Chess Club.. Fortunately, this time I did a little better drawing. However, white the white pieces and a relatively dry position from a closed position, there’s nothing to ride home about, Anyways: here it is:

After chickening out for a quick draw in the last round, I let Perez get clear first in the quad 2.5/3. I finished with 2/3 and picked up 27 pts though… Ill take it.
In other interesting news, while I was waiting for the shuttle back to Brandeis I was amused to see that Occupy Harvard has caused the yard to be closed to the public: 

Rabin’ s Somewhat Sucessful Return to the Boylston Club

While I procrastinate a little more from all these final papers I have to write, I’ll prove to my readers that this blog hasn’t become a USCL predictions blog and that I haven’t fell out of the blogosphere.

In other news, I played at the Boylston Sunday for the first time since the summer in the 2011 Greg Hager Memorial and tied for first with FM Christopher Chase. Other than our fought-out round 3 draw ( see below), we each beat three lower rated opponents. One notable player though was the fellow Brandeis King Killer Adam Grossack  who is severely underrated at 1175 and beat an 1800 in the first round. Most of you probably don’t know he is a national bridge champion—- Skills will transfer over to chess!

Here’s my madness (OK. not quite) against Chase. In short he played a sideline which led to a pretty level endgame early on. I played a little too passively and gave him a slightly better game but he never had any serious winning chances.

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