Jorma Kaukonen performed in Tel Aviv with Hot Tuna!

Talk about Bad Timing!: Hot Tuna did a show there last week and I’ll be there in 2 weeks from now. I saw them during the beginning of this year at the Beacon– They might not be what they were during the Jefferson Airplane days with Slick but Kaukonen and Cassidy still have innovation and the Blues. Check out this awesome article, which discusses Kaukonen’s Jewish roots:

Gregg Allman is coming out with a new album!

For those unaware or not Allman Brothers fanatics like me, Gregg is coming out with a new solo album January 18th, his first since 1997!!! It will be titled ” Low Country Blues”. When Gregg mentioned the new album at the Allman Brothers show at the Orpheum in November, everyone including myself went crazy.. He’s gonna be promoting it on tour in January. First stop NY Jan 18. I am leaving to the holy land Israel the day before but readers, please go and give opinions. Ill surely be buying the album asap.

Happy Hannukah!

Its been 3 weeks since I blogged last: its not that I haven’t had much to say: I saw an Allman Brothers’ concert and played the National Chess Congress– two possible posts right there. With finals rolling around though, life’s been busy. In the spirit of Hannukah though, here’s a pretty cool video thats been floating around the internet by the “Maccabeats” an acappella group from Yeshiva University:

Countdown until Israel: 1 month ,11 days! Until then, 3 more finals and a paper and a 1 month internship at a travel pr firm in NY Imagine Communications.