Predictions for the 2010 USCL Finale!!

Expansion team the New England Nor’easters takes on 2 time Championship contender the Miami Sharks
Now, if this was a North vs south matchup that would make up a nice civil war; however, Miami is “in the West”, so that’s what is the dual of the Eastern and Western champs. Both teams will undoubtedly strive for the very best as NE would love to make history being the first expansion to team to win the Championship, although they already clearly made history with their kind of ridiculous 11-1 score so far, and Miami hope to win their first championship after losing to Baltimore and NY In their two championship outings: So lets, see who shall be the victors!

Bd 1: IM Shanky takes on GM Becerra
I have always viewed Becerra is a rock, Sam begs to differ….. Sam wants to win. I still say Becerra is solid with black… Drawn match in a classical KID.

Bd 2: FM Martinez takes on IM Hungaski
Both players have had great seasons so far: Martinez 6.5/8 and Hungaski 6/7.. Both of Hungaski’s draws came when he had the black pieces. Hungaski will get a slightly worse position out of the opening in his normal Scandinavian but will hold things together to hold a draw.

Bd 3: FM master of tricks Chase vs FM Galofre
These players’ styles are pretty much as different as can be. As seen in his Galofre’s wk 5 GOTW, he is perhaps one of the most wild players in the league, although with good rewards as he has a strong 2.5/3 record and a 2540 performance rating, thats 240 points above his rating…… Chase plays his normal KIA and Galofre gets bored in a taticless game… Lots of maneuvers will happen but neither players will get anywhere… Another draw.

Bd 4: The Shocker of the League Rosenthal takes on Cherniack
Ok, so the last three weeks I regretfully predicted Rosenthal to lose. Instinctively, I would say Cherniack is a clear favorite with his vast experience. The other day, Krasik and I agreed that Cherniack is likely the strongest board 4 in the league.Rosenthal certainly has chances to shock the crowds yet again, but Cherniack is somewhat of a kid killer.. Out of the 5 games he played against 18 yr olds/under this season so far: Shen, Katz, Herbsts, Ostrovskiy, and Xu, hew scored a heavy 4.5/5:: Cherniack wins!

And NE becomes the 2010 champions! Sure, it wasn’t fun being eliminated by them last week, but they’ve been a strong team all season long and didn’t get some of the credit they deserved: Lets go NE!!

With that in mind, as the Championship will be taking place, I will be at the next concert on the agenda: The Allman Brothers at the Orpheum. Here’s a video of “Hot Lanta” at their AC show two nights ago:

Good Falafel spot in Boston

I went on a short excursion into Boston today to get my student visa for Israel. With the Middle East in mind, I picked up a chicken shawarma wrap for a lunch at Falafel King on 48 Winter Street right near the Park St Green/Red line stop at the Boston Common. The place’s appearance isn’t all that appealing and doesn’t have places to sit , but if your on the go, its has some great food.

Readers, please share other good falafel/ME food spots around Boston, or NY for that matter.

Also, here’s a pretty cool mural I saw in the Downtown Crossing area:

Excursion to the Other Side of Waltham

Friday night, I went to the other side of Liverpool( oh I mean Waltham). With that to start off this post, I give you a segment of Ringo’s awesome birthday show he did this summer playing his new song “The Other Side of Liverpool off his 2010 album Y Not

On to chess though!! I tied for first in the Waltham November G/20 with SM and fellow Boston Blitz player Denys Shmelov. On a side note, congrats to NE and good luck against Miami. Here is my first round win against expert Edward Astrachan:

“The Primary Elections” of the Championship”: That is the Semi-Finals

The New England Patriots take on the Boston Red Sox in the Eastern Finale tonight!! Oh wait, I mean the New England Nor’easters and THe Boston Blitz: There is a Civil War going on tonight between the north and south sides of Porter Square! Lets see, who shall be victors:

Up first, we see Several Time US Champ Boston long timer GM Christiansen take on a fellow Brandeis Judge yet USCL “enemy” IM/GM Shankland:
At Brandeis chess club last week, Sam told me I should have predicted he beat GM Lenderman rather than the reverse: OK yeah I probably should of… I went on to tell him, ” I tell you one thing, there’s no way I am gonna predict for you next week”:) NO going back…. Larry wins!

Next, we see another SM/GM (a newly made up title for GM strength non- GMS:) , Sammour-Hasbun take on another IM/GM Hungaski…. I lost to Hungaski this past weekend at the BU Open ( game to come up soon) Long story short…. I was worse early in the opening with white ( not so good) and Hungaski never let me back into the game. in wild tactical melee where he easily could of went wrong…. This game will be willd, I am sure of that as it is between two great tactical players. This is Jorge’s 1st black game in the last two yeras in the USCL… Somehow I predict this game will be a draw.

On board 3, we see CATDOG IM Esserman…… Catdog with the white pieces= Dominance+ Rating Gap= Dasha… FM Chase will cause some difficulties but at the end of the day, there is no stopping Esserman 1-0 (GOTW perhaps)

Lastly we see, Grant Xu take on the experienced Cherniack.. Cherniack objectively is a favorite with his experience and strong 5.5/7 score.. However, Xu can not be counted out: He does have 1.5/2 this season thus far and a 2382 performance rating.. With that said, Cherniack will most likely squeeze out the point with the white pieces..It helps that he knows Xu’s French down and out…

The Bahstan Blitz shall win 2.5-1.5 and advance to the Championship!!!!!!! Sorry NE:)

The West Coast Finale: The Playoff experienced Miami Sharks vs The Arizona Scorpions looking to appear in their first Championship

IM Altounian challenges 4 time! league MVP Rock GM Becerra : This is a game between two rock solid players… GM Becerra has the title and rating nod but Altounian is a rock, especially with the white fellows: This game shall be a long played out draw.

Next GM Elect Barcenilla has the black fellows against GM Gonzalez who had an impressive win with black against Amanov last week: Barcenilla has been having a sub-par season so far and Gonzalez has been playing quite solid… This one is a kind of a toss up but I am gonna go with Gonzalez pulling through.. One pt for Miami.

On battle ground 3, Underrated IM Elect Adamson takes on the higher rated FM Martinez… Adamson drew 4/6 games this season thus far…. I Say he’ll draw another one… Draw

Lastly we see underrated expert Rosenthal vs NM Thompson… Rosenthal shocked the crowds the last two weeks upsetting two higher rated masters consecutively.. Can he do it again? Perhaps, but I am gonna say Thompson stops the streak: By statistics an expert, underrated or not, shouldn’t beat 3 masters in a row ! One Pt for Arizona…

Arizona’s team is just rock solid with a nice balanced lineup…. Drawn match leading Arizona to their first championship!!