I’m alive and back in Bahstan as a member of the Blitz!

It’s been exactly a month since I posted last… Did I live a dreadful boring life since then?: Not exactly, but with work and travel, I have been exhausted and have not been in the mood to blog. To the contrary, today is my last day of work as I am now on the commuter rail to Willmington. I won’t go on one of my long travel rants but I will say it is not fun waking up at 5:30 am to get on a train to Boston, to take another train out to Willmington rather than taking a 20 minute drive directly from Brandeis to Willmington.

Other news:

I am an official member of the Boston Blitz! Last Monday, I trekked to the Harvard center of Astrophysics to spectate the first game of the season. I was proud to tell my teamates and the Blitz fans that I was rooting for Boston in the league for the first time against my not-so-hard-to-guess previous team the Knights. Of course I was not happy how Boston went down in flames going 0-4: However, just as the Yanks destroyed the Sox this season after losing several games, Boston will pick up!

****** Disclaimer: Just because I am on the Blitz, does not mean I am a Bostonian.. YANKEES in 1st Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More on USCL and other events coming soon!