Its been ages since I posted last… well a bit less than two weeks ago but still a long time. Todays my last day of Spring Break- going back to Boston today. Sunday was not the best of nights as many of you can probably imagine.. In case you can’t heres a small clue:

With the help of Kevin Youkillis, the Bahstanian Red Sox did beat the Yanks.. Congrats.. However, lets flashback to about one year ago.. Who beat the Yanks 8 games in a row before the dominant team came together and won the World Series? Ill leave that to to the reader to decide:) Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!

On the the important stuff: Playing chess over spring break was worthwhile!!

More games to come, but for now Ill share one of my wins from last night that gave my my final boost over the magic 2200:

Thats all for now.. I am going to take a small break from chess to study for finals( possibly play one or two tournaments to stay in shape).. then in May strive to maintain master!!!!

Breaking News:Stern goes to Saint Louis/Other Tidbits

Top Headline of the Day:”The first wildcard selection is also determined: Howard Stern, controversial New York City talk show host and rising chess star. Executive Director of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis, Tony Rich explained the unexpected choice, “Howard’s participation will bring the exposure of this year’s Championships to new heights.” Indeed, with millions of listeners, it’s hard to think of anyone who could attract more attention to the upcoming Championship than Howard. ”

Yes, USCF is right. There will be a whole lot of attention, a whole lot of joking attention. No offense to Howard: He has a great show. I even got in trouble in fourth grade for attempting to be Howard Stern with a long black wig for Halloween in school ( true story believe it or not). On the other hand, It doesn’t seem to be great publicity to see a roughly 16-1800 strength player go 0-9 in the US Championship when there are many up and coming juniors and other players who could use the experience…

Other News:

I played the New York March Open and scored 2-2.. Tomorrow night I am playing in the Bankers League ( go Delfies!), then possibly at the Marshall.