Best Beatles Cover Ive seen a long time!!!!!!

This is the first time I am posting more than once in one day but couldn’t resist to post this absolutely fantastic rendition of “Hey Jude” by the incredible up and coming blues guitarist Derek Trucks who won a Grammy this year for Best Contemporary Blues Album and his wife Susan Tedeschi.

If you haven’t heard of Derek Trucks yet, who is now a regular part of the Allman Brothers, check out his new excellent cd, Already Free

Bradley Open: First u22[05] section as a master!

This post is a preview: more to come tomorrow or Wednesday but Matan was very quick in putting a link on so I had to do something for now:) If you haven’t yet check out his article with some nice games of Esserman:

This was my third playing in Bradley; the first two were pretty much disasters. The first time was the Bradley Open in 2006 when as one of the top seats I scored 1.5/4 against all A players before drawing. My second appearance at Bradley was not much better: In 2008,when I played in the Open, being just over 2100. What did I do after the two hour drive to Hartford?: Hang a rook in two moves against a 1600, ie, not a great start:( In that tournament I actually started to play well afterwards and ended up losing a money round in the last round against Dan Lowinger to finish with 2.5. Anyhow, enough ranting about my previous struggles in Bradley. During that time, I told my then roomate Nolan,who actually had a rather good tournament winning clear first in the u2000 section, that I would never come back to this location as despite a nice host site, there isn’t much around the area.

However, as many of you know, I am an addict. As I recently made master, I knew it was one of may last u2200 sections, at least hopefully, so I couldn’t help going to give it a chance.Fortunately, In the long run, I did manage to change my Bradley feat and tie for first with Derek Meredith. Congrats to him too! Here is my game against my co-Hartford u2205 champion in Round 3: More games will be in my next post.

After that, in round four I beat Patrick Chi rather quickly while Derek drew Plotkin. Then I drew Plotkin a a great 5 move struggle, while Derek outplayed Dale Sharp after 6 hours to tie with me. Come back soon for some more games/ anecdotes from the tournament.

Yom Hashoah Shabbat Dinner/ BCC $10 Open

Shabbat Dinner

Last night, I went to an interesting Yom Hashoah commemoration Shabbat dinner at Temple Beth Zion in Brookline. It is a unique temple, who consider themselves “unorthodox” and specifically non-reform. Too be honest I did not realize much of a difference of there and a reform Schul but it was certainly an interesting experience. People played instruments and it was an upbeat service. `

It was co-organized by Boston 3G and Birthright Israel Next. If you don’t know what 3G is, that is normal as I didn’t know what it was before last night either.. Its a group of young Jewish professionals whose grandparents are survivors of the Holocaust. Several of 3G members gave touching accounts about their grandparents’ survival stories. One story that particularly intrigued me was when of the members accounted how her grandmother and 3 sisters, who all survived the Holcaust together had about 80 children overall.. I learned the Jews in reality lost more than 6 Million people as they could not reproduce.. May they be remembered.

BCC Underwater $10 Open

On a much better note, I played pretty well at the Boylston today and am still a master! I beat two 1800s, and evened my lifetime score against Lawyer Times, which is now 1.5-1.5. I being the only 3-0 was paired against Denys Shmelov, who had 2.5 as he took a round 1 bye.. I played Denys 3 times now,, all losses with black.. Maybe eventually I could play white against him once:)

Note to self: Be careful when preparing for your opponents as to they are not directly behind you:

I was preparing for Denys, looking at one of his losses against Ippolito in the US Chess League last year. I was using my Ipod to see the moves and making them on the chess board, completely oblivious to the fact that Denys was right behind me:).. Sure enough, he walked right into the same line he lost to Ippolito in and I won the game! … No, more like instead of 1.d4 nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 allowing the Nimzo Indian, he played the Catalan:

So overall it was a decent tournament… I tied for 2nd with a fellow (alumni) Brandeisian Steven Winer.

Yankees!! /Concerts for the Summer


Whats that boston?: 2-1 Yanks! I knew they would get their act together. Rays will be going down this weekend too:)


There’s plenty of shows happening this summer.. Unfortunately, I cant really buy tickets yet as I don’t know where Ill be throughout the summer as I will teaching chess camps for USA chess.

I. Mountain Jam: June 4-6 – a great music festival up in Hunter Mountain. I went there last year and had a great time. I’m not liking the fact that the Allman brothers aren’t playing there this year but if I go again, which is very likely, Ill be very excited for Govt mule again, Derek Trucks, this time with his wife Susan Tedeschi, and Matisyahu among others! Check it out: Heres some pics I took from last year’s Mountain Jam:


III. The Concert as of now that I want to see most!: the one and only……………………. Ringo Starr.. Last year I saw the other living Beatle Mcartney… Only makes sense to see Ringo. Last year when I decided to see Mcartney, many people asked me why I was willing to spend so much money as he was not the greatest Beatle. Admittedly, John was my favorite Beatle, but that is is relative statement… Each Beatle wrote his fair share of songs and with out anyone of them some of their greatest songs would never been around.. What would the Beatles be without Mcartney and his countless masterpieces including “Yesterday”, “Drive my car”, among many others… or would what the Beatles be without Ringo’s great work: including the first Beatles song I remember listening to back in 1st grade in Betsy’s music class at Churchill!!!!!!!!: “Octupus’s garden” Wow, those were the good old days.