1st Annual Grace Church School and Brooklyn Friends School Grand Prix

1st Annual Grace Church School and Brooklyn Friends School Grand Prix

-Grace Church School, October 28:
Brooklyn Friends School, December 8
Brooklyn Friends School, February 2
Grace Church School, February 24
Brooklyn Friends School, April 6
Grace Church School, June 2 

-Grace Church High School, 46 Cooper Sq, New York, NY 10003
-Brooklyn Friends School,75 Pearl St, Brooklyn, NY 11201


Rookie– Pre K- 2, 4 Rounds, Unrated, No Clock, 10:00 AM- 12:15 PM (All Win Trophies)

Swiss B– K-12 U1000, 4 Rounds, G/40, d/5, 10:00 AM- 4:15 PM

Swiss A- K-12, 1000+, 4 Rounds, G/40, d/5, 10:00 AM- 4:15 PM

USCF membership is mandatory for rated sections. This can be obtained onsite.

Individual Tournament Awards:
-Trophies to top 25% of participants and top team in each section
-Medals to all with 2.5 points or more that do not win a trophy.  ‘

Grand Prix Bonus Awards: We will give gift cards to the top three finishers. Here are the metrics:
-3 points for 1st Place trophy.
-2 points for 2nd Place trophy.
-1 point for 3rd Place trophy.
-5 points for playing at least one tournament in each school
-total score will be multiplied by the number of tournaments child plays

Entry Fee: $40 per tournament 1 month prior, $50 week prior, $60 by 12:00 PM day before or onsite, $200 for all 6 tournaments

Contact Premier Chess CEO Evan Rabin at premierchess64@gmail.com or (917) 776-1306 with questions